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Port wine

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Portwein is a vintage European wine which has an interesting captivating past. Portwein is also known simply as Port wine. Port is a fortified wine. These wines are manufactured by incorporating a percentage of spirit containing grape, and/or a distilled wine such as brandy, to help the wine gradually in the course of the manufacturing process.

Portwein is without question the most supreme fortified wine. Vintage Port can be expensive, costing almost as much as some of the highest quality wines from Bordeaux or even Burgundy. When it comes to Portwein, the inclusion of the distilled brandy wine happens before the wine has fermented completely. This helps maintains natural sweetness, and gives a more round delicate flavour.

Port wine comes in many varieties, each offering a diverse, unique quality taste. Flavours range from the strong berry fruit tastes of a Reserve or even a Late Bottled Vintage to the mellowness of an Aged Tawny or the smoky mystery of a vintage Port. Port can be matched with most foods and European cuisines and is an after dinner favourite.

Traditionally it happens to be served after dinner with perhaps dark chocolate or a first-rate cigar, with supper or cheese and as an aperitif. A lot of innovative culinary chefs additionally take pleasure in using Port as an ingredient. Port is a civilised drink, perfect for a celebration, a romantic evening, a laid back get together or an official dinner.