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Chardonnay wine

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Chardonnay is a highly popular white wine originally produced in France. However, provided the climate and soil conditions are suitable, today the Chardonnay grape is grown in vineyards all around the world. Chardonnay from Burgundy is the most prized because of its original source. This comparatively inexpensive wine has a distinct quality taste, making it perfectly acceptable as an ‘everyday-wine’.

The grape is very versatile, which contributes to its immense popularity. The grape by itself is neutral; giving wine producers the opportunity to infuse different aromas and tastes. Experimentation with oaking during Chardonnay production results in different flavour variations, generally oaking creates smoky notes of vanilla, and the wine has a distinct buttery aroma. The popularity and versatility of the grape contributes to Chardonnays moniker as the, ‘Winemakers’ Wine’.

Grapes cultivated in cooler regions (such as Carneros AVA California and Chablis) tend to have the flavors of pear, apple, and green plum. Wine varieties from Australia and New Zealand carry the flavors of melon and peach. In warmer climates (such as Central Coast AVA California), tropical fruit flavors such as banana and fig blends are available.

The wine is available in three distinct styles; crisp, oaky, and elegant. These styles are quite different, and each creates a distinct experience on the palate. Some people like the simplicity of the crispy style, while others may prefer a vintage oaky flavour.