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Schnaps "Wieser" Zwetschkenschnaps, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Ideal transparent color.


In schnapps rich smooth taste with notes of ripe plums.


Bright plum flavor.


Is used as a digestive, as well as meat dishes, well suited to desserts.

Interesting Facts

Schnapps - a traditional Austrian beverage. Obtained by distillation of fermented juice of various fruits and berries. Fermentation takes place without the addition of sugar. Schnapps Zwetschkenschnaps (Tsvetshke drain) is made ​​from late-dark plum fruit, the so-called "honey". When the distillation is stored natural taste and aroma of plums. After fermentation, the schnapps is distilled twice in copper pot stills, similar to brandy. Then, the distillate of the highest quality, with the strength of 65-70% within 2 years stored in open containers of glass, while the percentage of alcohol is markedly reduced, and the flavor schnapps becomes more rounded. After 2 years of exposure schnapps is blended with pure spring water. Take water from a mountain stream in the Alps.

Austria's Markus Wieser GmbH is located in the Wachau Valley, and is engaged in the production of fruit spirits, liqueurs and confectionery. The product range includes schnapps, liqueurs and drinks, which are produced according to traditional recipes on the basis of new, diverse ideas.

The product range covers:
• Fine distillates from apricots, pears Williams, raspberries, plums, as well as whiskey, brandy, etc .;
• Unusual liquor apricot, plum, pear, rose, violet, etc .;
• Apricot nectar;
• The original apricot-beater aperitif.

Producer's description

Markus Wieser is a real handicraft company. This is the business of one couples, Joanna and Marcus Weiser, who started with the usual homemade jam and strong spirits based on fruits. They took as a basis recipes, which owners in any house in Austria adhere to, and began to produce homemade schnapps, grape ravings, grappa, jams, chutneys, own roasting coffee, chocolate and natural cosmetics. The production of any of them is carried out manually, and for quality they bear personal responsibility. The apricot garden is made up of 320 trees on the southern bank of the Danube River, and agreements have also been concluded for the supply of fruit (apricots, apples, plums, pears) with local farmers.


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