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Beer Van Honsebrouck, "St. Louis" Gueuze, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Beer amber-orange color.


Beer taste rich, moderately sweet, fruity, well-balanced, medium carbonation, with grape and citrus acidity and subtle bitterness. The finish is dry, light, sweet.


Fruity aroma of beer (pear, mango, papaya, grapes), with tart acetic notes, nuances of hay, grass, wheat.


Beer well as a separate drink.

Interesting Facts

"St. Louis" Gueuze - delicious beer, created by mixing old (2-3 years) and young (under one year) Lambics. It is perfectly balanced taste, which perfectly combines the sweet, sour and bitter notes. Because of this, the beer is very refreshing and perfect thirst quencher on a summer day. With age, the taste of the beer is becoming more sophisticated and refined.

"Sen Louis" Gez produced by spontaneous fermentation in barrels, which previously matured wine. Fermentation lasts a week, and then the beer is bottled, where the secondary fermentation and aging for a long time (about two years). As a result, the light beer is born, its characteristics resembling champagne. No wonder Gez is sometimes called "the Brussels champagne."

Despite the fact that the name of the brewery Brewery Van Honsebrouck appeared in 1953, the roots of brewing family van Honzebruk were laid in the first half of the XIX century, when the farmer and the mayor of Werken van Honzebruk Amandus, born in 1811, founded the brewery. His son Emil after the death of his father first ran this brewery, and then moved to the city of his wife - Ingelmyunster (Flanders), where he acquired the brewery Sint-Jozef. Sons Emile greatly expand the business, produce reorganization and modernization of the plant and focus on the production of bottom-fermenting beer (hips, lager and export lager). The representative of the next generation of the family - Luc Van Honzebruk trained and brewing practices in Wallonia and Germany, takes over management of the brewery in 1953 and renames it Brewery Van Honsebrouck. It creates an old Flemish brown beer "Bacchus", and in 1958 began producing lambics and then cry called "Saint-Louis". In 1969, the brewery has become the second largest producer of beer in Belgium Gez. In 1986 the family Van Honzebruk buys Ingelmunster castle and after 3 years of launches line of "Kasteelbier" beer "Donker". In 1995, the line is expanded through the creation of beer "Tripel", in 2007 - "Kasteel" Rouge in 2008 - "Kasteel" Blond.

Today, the brewery operates the fifth generation - Xavier Van Honzebruk. One of his achievements was the launch of unsurpassed beer "Cuvee du Chateau" - top of the line "Castle," which competes with "Kasteel" Donker.


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In our store you can buy beer Van Honsebrouck, "St. Louis" Gueuze, 250 ml, price Van Honsebrouck, "St. Louis" Gueuze, 250 ml — $ 4. Producer beer Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck. Delivery Van Honsebrouck, "St. Louis" Gueuze, 250 ml.

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