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Absent "Tunel" Red, gift box with spoon & glass, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Through the use of pomegranate extract, absinthe has a bright ruby ​​red color.


Like all absinthe drink has a bitter taste, complemented by an intriguing light shade of garnet.


Absinthe anise flavor inherent classic with soft accents of coriander.


There are several ways to use absinthe. Typically, the beverage drink supplemented with sugars (using special Absinthe spoon) and 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe sometimes used instead of water ice cubes. "Tunel" Red is often a part of a variety of cocktails, bringing their taste certain piquancy. Absinthe can also be enjoyed in its pure form, but in small doses.

Interesting Facts

Absinthe - a strong alcoholic drink on the basis of anise with an alcohol content of 55 to 85%, infused with various herbs. Its distinguishing feature is the predominant content of the extract of wormwood (artemisia absinthium). That it gives absinthe characteristic bitterness. Depending on the recipe, the drink may include lemon balm, mint, licorice, sweet flag, fennel, and other herbs Dyagel.

For the first time such an absinthe drink, have medicinal properties, appeared among the ancient Egyptians, it was made from wormwood inflorescences on the basis of alcohol or wine. Similar tincture used in the treatment of certain diseases and physicians of ancient Greece, including the famous Hippocrates.
Argued that absinthe in its modern sense was created in the early 90s of the XVIII century Swiss village resident Kuve Madame Erne. Its tincture as a universal remedy recommended their patients local doctor Pierre Ordiner. Absinthe was considered a cure-all, and it was then that he received today known name "La Fee Verte", which means "green fairy". In 1798, Major Dyube, foreclosures recipe from the heirs of Madame Erne opens plant in Kuve for the mass production of the original beverage. Over time, due to the large demand for absinthe production expands and moves in Pontarlier in France, where, and sold worldwide.

The rise in popularity of absinthe in the French army to the period of colonial wars of 30-50-ies of the XIX century, when he proved himself an excellent preventive and disinfectant from malaria and dysentery. Peak consumption drink up to 1880, when they were already very busy with not only the bourgeoisie, but also bohemians. Creative people believed that absinthe is not only a fine aperitif, but also stimulates the creative process. His fans were Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Manet, Edgar Allan Poe, Picasso, Maupassant and many other famous artists. However, little has been previously observed that long-term use "wormwood tincture" cause side effects such as increased excitability, convulsions, and sometimes hallucinations caused by drug thujone contained in wormwood. So at the beginning of the XX century in many European countries the production of absinthe was forbidden even at the legislative level. Almost 100 years later the "green fairy" is back, but now the European Union has implemented a strict limit on the thujone content in the drink - its amount should be completely harmless and do not exceed 10 mg / kg.

Launch of absinthe "Tunel" dates back to 1898. It was at this time Don Antonio Nadal Mutaner founded in Mallorca company Destilerias Antonio Nadal, which published the original beverage. After going training in Cuba for the production of alcoholic beverages, Nadal is developing his own unique recipe of absinthe and assigns it a trademark "Tunel" with a logo depicting leave the tunnel train, which in the opinion of Nadal had to reflect the technological advances of the time. However, during the life of Nadal absinthe produced in small batches. Since 1950, the descendants of Antonio Nadal revive production using old recipes and come up with a more extravagant design. In 1986, the heirs of Antonio Nadal family sold the company Garo Seas, which currently is engaged in production of absinthe and "Tunel" and about 100 different kinds of products.



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