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Set "Tongerlo" Prior, Ultimate Taste Box

$ 29
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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of beer, one glass and one glass
Bottle volume: 330 ml

Gift Set "Tongerlo" Prior, Ultimate Taste Box can be as a wonderful unique gift and a great acquisition in the personal home collection. The set includes a bottle of strong abbey triple "Tongerlo" Prior, a glass (330ml) and a glass (70ml) with logo Abbey - everything you need for tasting and enjoying this extraordinary drink!

"Tongerlo" Prior - a novelty among the abbey beer. The name of the beer is named after the Abbey 'Tongerlo', which was built in 1130. It is located in the town of Westerlo (Antwerp). Initially, unremarkable to the XVI century the abbey became one of the most influential and became a center of education, including through its unique library. Today, the abbey "Tongerlo" eager to see tourists from around the world. It attracts visitors like beer, and located in the monastery Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, whose exhibits include a copy of the mysterious and mystical painting "The Last Supper."
Beer for the abbey 'Tongerlo' has the honor to make the brewery "Haacht" - one of the 18 Abbey brewery with appropriate license.

Producer's description

Family Haaht private brewery traces its history back more than 110 years. The progenitor of the brewery became a dairy farm called "Melkerij van Haecht", built in 1893, Eugène De Ro - master engineer fermentation. It was here June 14, 1898 Eugene De Ro brewed the first beer fermented, and four years later - bottom fermentation. Beer has become so popular that the brewery "Brouwerij en Melkerij van Haecht" by 1913 was considered the pinnacle of Belgian brewing. By 1929, the economy has shifted only in the production of beer, in connection with what has been significantly expanded the range of produced grades: appeared side, ale, lager and export Pilsener. In the record in 1937 the brewery has sold 50 million liters of beer!

Previously sold only beer barrels, but in 1950, Eugène De Ro built a bottling line of beer bottles. In 1951, Eugene-law - Alfred van der Kelen, who became in charge of the brewery Haaht, bought a number of small breweries in different parts of Belgium, extending the scope of beer Haaht. Its successor, the son of Frederick in the period from 1970 to 1990 to further expand the company's ownership by acquiring breweries in the southern Netherlands and northern France.

Today, having updated the equipment in its factories and commissioned a new hall for bottling beer in kegs, Haacht Brewery is a rapidly growing company that is confident in the future. Frederick van der Kelen still successfully manage the company. Haacht Brewery today is the third brewery in Belgium in terms of production Pilsener.
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In our store you can buy wine set "Tongerlo" Prior, Ultimate Taste Box, price "Tongerlo" Prior, Ultimate Taste Box — $ 29. Producer wine set Haacht. Delivery "Tongerlo" Prior, Ultimate Taste Box.

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