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Beer To OL, "Wit Or Witout", 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer opaque amber color with a hint of red.


Berry has a typical beer taste sour.


The aroma of beer contains tones of cranberry, raspberry and wild berries.


Beer can be a good addition to fruit desserts or snacks, as well as young cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Rødgrød Med Fløde - fruity ale from the brewery kraft To Øl.
Rødgrød - popular in Denmark and Germany berry dessert, which has served as inspiration for the creation of beer.

Crafting a beer - a relatively new trend in the brewing, constantly gaining momentum. Literally, the term "craft beer" means "craft beer". This beer, originally the basis for the creation of which was not supposed to make a profit, and the creative process. Exclusive drink produced in small batches.

Producer's description

To Øl in a literal translation from the Danish means "two beers." The brand has already managed to gain international fame, despite the fact that recently appeared. Its founders - Thor Ginter and Tobias Emil Jensen - famous disciples Mikkel Borg Bergsё. In 2005, together with their teacher, they discussed what the beer produced in Denmark has lost its uniqueness, and its taste has not changed for decades. To influence the situation, they decided to do. To create your own beer Tobias and Toru were allowed to use the kitchen college at night. Thus, from 10 pm to 6 am with Mikkel they brewed beer and attended lectures in the afternoon. It was a difficult time to both for the latter-day Brewers, and for their teachers. But at this time, and the concept was born, which became the basis for the future of the iconic brand - "Never compromise with the quality."
A year later, Mikkel started his own brewery Mikkeller, which in a short time has won wide acclaim. And Tobias and Thor continued to work on the creation of their own beers. In 2010, they realized that they were ready to release its first commercial shipment. Mikkel suggested his former students together to launch a pilot batch of beer. Thus was born To Øl / Mikkeller Overall Imperial IPA, and since then To Øl was unstoppable. Tobias Thor and continue to produce a completely new and unique varieties of the drink, not ceasing to amaze connoisseurs crafting beer. They do not follow the "fashion" for this or that style, constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing.

In the production of beer To Øl used only the highest quality raw materials that is certainly reflected in the price, but this is the brand concept. Sales Strategy To Øl sounds so - "Keep away from supermarkets." As they say Tobias and Thor, "if our price is too high for supermarkets, we better give up the brewing than we skimp on quality ingredients."

Tobias and Thor call themselves "Gypsy, stray, pirated or contract brewers." They have not got their own brewing equipment and always use removable power for brewing. According to them, this is the only option to ensure high quality products and to continually increase the range, getting better and better. Creators To Øl prefer not to "gather dust" in the workplace, and to travel the world, drawing inspiration from the new countries, and to communicate with different people.

Today To Øl products can be enjoyed in 30 countries. In 2013, they entered the top 50 best breweries of the world, and in 2014 - in the top 10 (according and took place from 9 19 000 breweries in the world. In creating these ratings attended by millions of people.


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