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Tan Fung Sake, 18 L

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Tasting Notes


Sake pure, transparent color.


Sake has a pleasant, delicate, classic taste.


Harmonious flavor of the drink is filled with light tones of rice.


Sake is recommended as an accompaniment to spicy dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, as well as excellent with nuts, cheese and snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Tan Fung Sake" - a subtle natural white rice wine, created on the basis of choice of polished rice. It is characterized by a light aroma, pleasant taste and sugar content of 22.5 g / 100 ml. Sake - ancient Chinese ritual drink with more than three thousand years of history, which according to legend, was created as an offering to the gods. This aura of uniqueness and reverent attitude to national Sake Chinese have managed to keep to our time. It continues to produce in accordance with the traditions - from a large rice and pure spring water, which should be rich in phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, but at the same time - do not contain manganese and iron. Sake of the highest quality, with a noble flavor and delicate aroma, made from pre-polished rice from which removed the entire top layer of grain. Technology of production of sake involves many steps. For grinding rice should be his washing and steaming. Next come the malting process, fermentation, pressing and filtering. And only after pasteurisation and aging, the drink is bottled. The temperature range in which it is recommended to drink sake, very wide - from 5 ° C to 60 ° C. Warmed sake is traditionally served in special earthenware jugs small size.

"Tan Fung", which is translated into our language as "East Wind" - one of the best known Chinese brands in the field of winemaking. All of their production facilities are located in the south, in the unique, very favorable climatic conditions. The main profile of the company - is the creation of sake and fruit wines. Most new equipment and follow traditional recipes allow the company to create products of the highest quality. All the products in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, subjected to additional rigorous testing by the state. Wines from "Tan Fung" are in demand both in China and abroad, exporting to many countries around the world. Today the brand "Tang Fung" belongs to one of the largest holdings in China - "Zhejiang Zitic Import & Export Co. LTD", existing since 1999 and known due to the excellent quality of its products.


  • Strength: 14.5%
  • Volume:
  • Serving temperature: 36-38°С
  • Quantity in the box: 1
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