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Wine Szigetvin, Muskotaly, Tolnai PDO, 2013

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light golden straw color.


The wine has a light, rounded, well structured, harmonious taste with a pleasant acidity, leaving a long, wonderfully refreshing aftertaste.


Wine attracts a delicate aroma, woven of sensual shades of white flowers, citrus and exotic fruits.


Wine is served to the snacks, pasta, pastries and desserts. They are also nice to enjoy pure as an aperitif or digestif.

Interesting Facts

White semisweet wine Szigetvin, Muskotaly is classified as PDO, which is the highest level of new (simplified) European classification of wines. Wine produced from grapes Mushkotay grown on loess and brown forest soils wine region Tolnai, which is located in South Transdanubia in Hungary, Tolna, where a temperate continental climate with mild winters and hot dry summers.
Wine attracts a great value for money. It is a wonderful complement the taste of snacks and different kinds of pasta, will make an excellent pair with desserts, pastries and cakes.

Producer's description

History of occurrence winery Szigetvin rooted in the 19th century, when in 1890 not far from Budapest on the Danube island of Csepel was based winery, which was supposed to supply wine to the court vengreskih kings. One hundred years later, these vineyards were transferred to the State University of Viticulture and became a training ground for young winemakers Hungary. In 1996, the land on the island Csepel acquired company Sigetvin.

The company owns Szigetvin LTD vineyards in different regions of the country, including 200 hectares of land on the island of Csepel. In total Sigetvin produces about 5 million liters of wine per year. Mostly it's white wines whose quality is consistently maintained at a high level. Among the striking success of the company Szigetvin LTD - wines from the island Csepel under the brand name "Wine Island", which received including international recognition.

History of the company "Sigetvin" began in 1890, when the Danube Csepel Island, located near Budapest, was laid winery produces wines for the royal court. In the second half of the last century, the vineyards of the island Csepel became a training ground for the State University of Viticulture Hungary, and in 1996 became the property of the company Szigetvin LTD. Today the company produces about 5 million. Liters of wine per year. The area of ​​its own vineyards "Sigetvin" on Csepel Island - 200 hectares, in addition, it owns vineyards and other prestigious wine regions of Hungary, including in the current. The technology used at the plant "Sigetvin", aimed mainly at the production of high quality white wines, but no! Wine from the island of Csepel, sold under the trademark "Wine Island", retain their aromatic properties within 4-6 hours after opening the bottle! Salon in the world "Vinexpo" in Bordeaux, they created a furor that started the international success of this brand. It should be noted that the products of TM "Wine Island" has an optimal ratio "price-quality", no doubt, should boost its popularity among consumers and professionals in the wine business in Russia.


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