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Vodka Suntory, "80 Proof", 720 ml

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Tasting Notes


Vodka is clear and clean.


Vodka has a soft and rich taste.


Vodka has a light, fresh scent.


Serve chilled vodka is recommended, either alone or used for the preparation of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Vodka "80 Proof" is made ​​from carefully selected grains and very clean water taken from the sources. In the manufacturing process used traditional Japanese technology, vodka is filtered using a special charcoal. Vodka "80 Proof" is of high quality, which is famous for the largest manufacturer in Japan - the company "Suntory".

The company "Suntory" was founded in 1899 with the purpose of importation of wines from Spain. Suntory name consists of two parts: "Tories" - the name of the company founder Shinjiro Tori and "san", which translated to English means "sun", and is a symbol of Japan. Currently, "Suntory" is the largest in the world distillery. The company is equipped with 24 stills.

The creator of "Suntory" - Shinjiro Tory began construction of the first distillery in Japan in 1923. Advised Tory Masataka Taketsuru, which is the first Japanese to explore methods of manufacture of Scotch whiskey. Masataka Taketsuru later became the founder of the main competitor "Suntory" - the company "Nicca".

The distillery is located not far from the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. This area is similar to the Scottish Highlands region - rolling hills, humid climate, the influence of 3 rivers merging: Katsura, Uji and Kidzu. The area around the city is surrounded by bamboo forests Yamazaki and is ideal for the production of whiskey.


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