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Tasting Notes


Tequila light golden color.


tequila taste different fresh and vivid floral tones.


The rich flavor of tequila demonstrates subtle oak nuances.


Tequila is excellent in its purest form with salt and lime, as well as a part of many cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Don Cortez" Gold - tequila with a fresh and delicate taste and pleasant tart flavor. Tequila "Don Cortez 'Gold will appreciate the exotic fans, it is beautiful in its pure form and is ideal for original cocktails.

The manufacturing process of tequila begins with the planting sprouting blue agave. Growth and maturation of agave (from settling in the stalk sugars) takes about 7 years. Mature plants are core can weigh from 30 to 80 kilograms. After ripening begins harvesting. Leaves of plants are cut at the base, leaving only the core of the agave, called "pina", because agave is like a large pineapple. These cores are transported to the factory where they are cut in half. Ten kilograms of agave produce one liter of 100% pure tequila. The next step is the production of an agave baking in an oven. This process converts the complex carbohydrate into simple sugars and vegetable fibers soften, making it easier to extract sugar fermentation. Baking is traditionally held in the brick or stone ovens that run on steam. The process lasted 50 to 72 hours. Today autoclaves (steel tanks with a capacity of several tons) used for baking. Since they are sealed, they will reduce the cooking time up to 8-14 hours. After that, the raw material is cut into small pieces, which are sent to the press to extract the juice of the agave. The resulting juice is sent to the fermentation. Today this process is carried out in stainless steel vats, where further water is placed, and yeast nutrients. Yeast helps turn sugar into alcohol. After the fermentation is carried out double distillation in copper pot stills or steel alambikah. The result is a product, in which the alcohol content reaches 55%. For tequila shutter placed in wooden casks of French or American oak, where it remains for a certain period of time. For Tequila Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo barrels should be no more than 200 liters. Barrels can be new or already used for the production of other alcohol. Also sometimes casks deep fried from the inside to enhance the characteristics of tequila.

Producer's description

10 years ago, Mendez family decided to engage in the production and sale of the Mexican national drink - tequila. It appeared on the market the company Cia Tequilera Los Generales. Products created in the lowlands of Jalisco, where the plant is supplied filtered water in natural conditions.
Today, the company Cia Tequilera Los Generales produces several lines of tequila and a range of liquors, which are exported abroad and compete successfully with the world of alcoholic beverages.
The mission of Mendez family is the production of tequila of the highest quality that meets customer expectations. To this end, the company creates strategic alliances with the best distributors and alcohol plants in Mexico.


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