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Vodka "Smirnov № 21", 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Vodka crystal clear, transparent.


Vodka taste rich, full-bodied.


Vodka has a light fragrant bouquet with a clean, classic scent.


Vodka perfectly with-bag, soup, hot and cold dishes from fish and meat, with appetizers, caviar, pickled mushrooms and cucumbers, as well as stuffed pancakes and grilled vegetables. It can be served either in pure form or in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Vodka "Smirnov" - the Russian version of the famous brand Smirnoff - has a rich and interesting history, inextricably linked with Russia and Smirnov family.
Despite the fact that vodka began to be made only in the second half of the XVIII, the path to its creation began in 1818, when Ivan Smirnov founded in Moscow trading house. His famous nephew, ambitious, talented and enterprising Peter Arsenijevic Smirnov bought shares his cousin and opened a big production, and rebuilding the distillery founded in Moscow in the early 1860s, his distillery in Moscow under the trade name of Smirnoff. It is here that have been producing vodka "Smirnov" classic "table wine № 21" (the recipe of this popular vodka was registered under the number 21), vodka, which is a little later, during the reign of Nicholas II, and sold at 40 cents per bottle and lovingly called by the people "Smirnovka." Vodka immediately gained credibility with arostokratii thanks to the excellent quality. Rate it Alexander III appointed Smirnov only suppliers of the imperial court, and then - and the royal courts of Sweden and Spain.

In 1898, the work of Peter Arsenevicha continued by his sons, in the name of their company does "Peter Nicholas and Vladimir Petrovich Smirnov, trading under the firm of PA Smirnov in Moscow." Gradually parted ways sons (Vladimir, for example, became famous throughout Russia breeders), and "at the helm" family business alone was Peter. After his sudden death in 1910, work was continued by son - Vladimir Petrovich, in whose hands the production flourished, and an annual turnover of $ 4 million cases of vodka. After the revolution of 1917 and the confiscation of the Bolsheviks plant, Vladimir emigrated, took with him the baggage family recipe of vodka. He tried to set up production of vodka "Smirnov" in Turkey and Poland, and eventually settled in France, in a small distillery in Courbevoie, near Paris. Here he met Rudolf Kyunetta, which Russia has been a regular supplier of grain Smirnov, and sold him the exclusive right and license to manufacture and distribution of alcohol under the brand "Smirnoff" in the United States, Canada and Mexico. So vodka "Smirnoff" came to the New World, where she became popular, especially in cocktails.

In Russia, vodka "Smirnoff" was revived in 1992, Boris A. Smirnov, the great grandson of Peter Smirnov. That he inherited was transferred to 287 well-known recipe for alcoholic beverages created great-grandfather. Technology of production of vodka has no equal in the world: a unique combination of the best components (a special water, first-class grain alcohol), multiple purification using specially prepared activated carbon and continuous quality control.

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In our store you can buy vodka "Smirnov № 21", 0.5 L, price "Smirnov № 21", 0.5 L — $ 8. Producer vodka Smirnov. Delivery "Smirnov № 21", 0.5 L.

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