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Cognac Seguinot, "Age Inconnu", in wooden box, 0.7 L

$ 278
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Tasting Notes


Cognac color of dark amber.


Very deep, spicy, bright, elegant, smooth and vibrant taste of cognac is filled with rounded, rich notes of dried fruits, nuts and flowers, complemented by rich wood nuances.


Elegant aroma of this strong drink is revealed hints of dried cherries, flowers, spices, apricot, wood and precious notes of rancio.


Cognac is great as a digestif, and goes well with fresh coffee and cigars.

Interesting Facts

"Age Inconnu" - a delicious cognac, has a terrific spicy, rich and lively taste. The drink is made of brandy spirits aged in the cellars of Seguinot for more than 30 years.

The history of cognac house "Seguinot" has its origins in the distant 1880, when Pierre Seguin bought a plot of land "La Nerolle" Subregion Grande Champagne, not far from the famous town of Cognac and close to famous cognac house "Pierre de Segonzac". Wasting no time, for several years, Pierre has established a process of cultivation of the vine and the production of quality varietal wines and brandies. All proceeds from their labor means he invested in the expansion of holdings and a short period of time available to the winemaker was almost 100 hectares of land, which is significantly larger than the average estate in the region of Cognac.

For four generations the secrets of creating flawless cognacs Seguinot stored as the strictest confidence and only transferred to the heirs of the family business. The main traditions of the company include the use of hand-picking of grapes and vineyards ban on processing any chemicals. Wine, of which creates the brandy will not be filtered, allowing you to keep it bright aroma and rich flavor. Distillation takes place in large copper alambikah created by longtime local traditions. Alcohols are kept in wooden casks unique, created from Limousin oak. Over 50% of the resulting alcohol "Seguinot" sells to such companies as "Remy Martin" and "Hennessey". His company produces cognacs in very limited quantities and, in most cases, by appointment only. On the highest quality products of this brand evidenced by the fact that the spirits of "Seguinot" decorated table during the celebration of the coronation of Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II. Cognacs from this company are not inferior in quality so eminent brands like Hennessy, or Pierre de Segonzac, but are more democratic price.



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In our store you can buy cognac Seguinot, "Age Inconnu", in wooden box, 0.7 L, price Seguinot, "Age Inconnu", in wooden box, 0.7 L — $ 278. Producer cognac G. Seguinot. Delivery Seguinot, "Age Inconnu", in wooden box, 0.7 L.

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