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Schnaps Schladerer, Zwetschgenwasser, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Perfectly transparent.


Plum schnapps Shladerer has a very rich and at the same time smooth and mild taste, which are expressed notes of sweet honey plums.


Fragrant rich aroma reveals notes of honey plums.


Schnapps Schladerer Zwetschgenwasser could not be more suited as a digestif, and because of its mild plum flavor it is equally well with both savory meat dishes and sweet desserts. Serve chilled or schnapps of ice can be used as diluted with a little water.

Interesting Facts

Shladerer House was founded in 1844 Sixtus Shladererom, which organized in a small German town of Black Forest fruit production disitilyatov. Both then and now Shladerer is a family company, which carefully preserved traditions and secrets of great schnapps premium, known throughout the world.
Great importance is attached here the place of origin and quality of the fruit harvest, because the company's slogan, which can be seen on each bottle, it sounds like: "The Art of enjoyment fruit." Therefore, for the manufacture of its products Shladerer house uses only the freshest and perfectly ripe fruit and berries.
Shladerer schnapps made in the traditional way, according to which the beverage fermentation occurs naturally without added sugar. After the end of fermentation schnapps is distilled twice in copper pot stills, reminiscent of a brandy. The distillate obtained the highest quality, the strength of which is 65-70% within 2 years stored in glass containers ventilated, whereby the percentage of alcohol is greatly reduced, and the taste of the future of schnapps becomes more rounded. After 2 years of aging schnapps goes double testing in the laboratory and only then blended with pure spring water, which is extracted from its own mountain stream in the Alps. The final touch that confirms the originality and high quality of the drink is wax seal, which is applied to each bottle of schnapps Shladerer.
For the production of plum schnapps Shladerer used late-dark plums that are grown in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and have a special honey taste. In a short time this amazing drink with luxurious aroma and exquisite taste won the hearts of not only ordinary buyers, but also sophisticated connoisseurs worldwide.


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