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Liqueur Sambuca, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor Sambuka - crystal clear beverage.


Liquor with a velvety structure and bright anise flavor.


We liquor clean and fresh scent of anise and elderberry.


Liquor is perfect as an aperitif, but also great to drink a small amount of ice. In addition, you can add a few drops of the drink in the espresso.

Interesting Facts

This drink has a long history and an uncertain origin. Scientists are still debating where came the name "sambuca" - whether from elderberry (Sambucus nigra - Lat. Name), whether the region in Tuscany, or from the Arabic word «zammut», which means "star anise", the main element of the beverage. The story goes that the drink, like sambuca in Italy has brought the Saracens - the drink quickly caught on, it began to be used as a medicine and a digestif. Revived this tradition Angelo Molinari, who in 1945 conducted experiments by mixing herbal tinctures with wines and alcohols, and received as a result of the drink, called them «Sambuca».

As part of Sambuca liqueur producer Franciacorta Distillery - extract from the seeds of anise and alcohol rectified the highest purity. Through careful control of all stages of the process and high requirements to the production process, products distillery has a very high quality, which is the guarantor of the brand logo "Franciacorta".


Franciacorta Distillery Company was founded in 1901 by Luigi Highlanders, grandfather of three brothers - Gillian, Antonio and Luigi, the current owners of the company, in the city of Gussago, in the picturesque hills of the region Franciacorta. In this beautiful area Luigi Highlanders began to collect and distillation residues of pressed grapes. Since then three generations, and the company continued to develop and expand their businesses. In 1977, the brothers Highlanders organized a stock company «Distillerie Franciacorta SpA» and came to a large market. From that moment they began to focus on the production of grappa, vodka and liqueurs.

The philosophy of the company implies high quality production that do not change over the years - thanks to this observed a clear balance between manufacturability and tradition of manufacturing recipes. Today Franciacorta Distillery - one of the leading brands in the spirits industry.


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