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Rum "Saint Etienne" Rhum Extra Vieux XO Martinique AOC, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Rum has a beautiful amber color.


The taste is rich vanilla and woody notes. Long, sweet, creamy aftertaste with hints of exotic fruits and spices.


Soft scent that combines sandalwood and warm shades of old skin, which are complemented by black pepper notes of ginger and nutmeg.


Rum - a great independent beverage that depending on the culture of the country consume differently. It can be used as a digestive, and as part of a cocktail. Very well with orange or lemon juice, coconut milk, syrup, blue liqueur. Also, using rum, prepare one of the most famous cocktails - punch. Cigar - one of the key attributes of this fantastic rum.

Interesting Facts

Rhum Extra Vieux XO - is an excellent, dark, aged in oak rum, which is produced on the legendary island of Martinique in the French Antilles from sugar cane juice instead of molasses. It is the local rum is renowned for excellent taste and aroma. This rum produced by thoroughly mixing several kinds of rum, which are stored in the cellar of the winery, including distilled in 1960.
Additional ratings and awards:
2007 - Bronze medal at the agricultural competitions in Paris
2007 - Silver medal in Brussels

Distillery Saint-Etienne was founded in the late 19th century and had in his possession a very large sugar cane plantations. Today it is an area with dilapidated buildings that are located throughout the house and consist of former manager and buildings, which were home to work. Its existence factory ceased in 1988 and the mid-90s rum Saint-Etienne made ​​distillery Simon. Simon Distillery - one of eight active distilleries in Martinique, which is located in the town of Le Francois. The owners of the company - the family Ayo (Hayot), which bought the factory Saint-Etienne in 1994 with the goal of full restoration of sugar cane plantations and the plant itself. Copper pipe distillation, which were at the factory, have been restored and moved to Simon Distillery. Rum is made at distillery Simon, and then transported to the plant of Saint-Etienne, where the aged and blended in the cellars, becoming a famous drink. Today, farming produces a small part of the total production of rum. Every year, this figure does not exceed the value of 10% for white rum and a little over 15% for the aged. But quality always trumps quantity. It is in this, Simon Distillery products recognized as the best in this segment and has received many top awards worldwide critics.


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