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Tasting Notes


Wine deep golden color.


Taste wine surprising discovery, neat, with fine tannins and confident, long finish with a pronounced acidity.


In the pungent aroma of wine can be traced tone honeysuckle and tangerine skins.


The wine goes well with seafood, cheeses, white meat poultry.

Interesting Facts

"Sequillo" comes from the Latin word meaning dry, very clean place. This characteristic is perfectly suited to the description of Svartlanda and red and white wine line "Sequillo", which perfectly reflect the terroir of the region in its unrefined, pure and simple.
Despite the fact that "Sequillo" belongs to the family Sadi, a separate project, which began in 2003. He focuses on a limited production of one white and one red wine, a blend that includes grapes from Southern Rhone and Mediterranean varieties that can flourish in a climate Svartlanda and its rich soil.
Logo "Sequillo", in the style of pencil sketch, reflects the philosophy of the brand - "work in progress".
Sequillo, 2009 - open, elegant wine with a surprisingly deep golden color, spicy fragrant bouquet and interesting beverage flavor, despite the rather high percentage of alcohol. Blend wine consists of four grape varieties grown on gravel and granite soils of the best sites Svartlanda. Extract of wine on the lees for 12 months in barrels made of Burgundy oak, and only 50% Chenin Blanc is aged in stainless steel tanks to complicate fragrant bouquet of wine.

Eben Sadie, the owner of the winery "Sadie Family", grew up in South Africa and by paying attention to the South African wine industry, felt that the wines of the country is always something missing. Traveling in Europe, he realized that he lacked the tradition. "There is the concept of terroir - he explains, - where history, tradition and time, as well as other elements are woven together, but unfortunately, not always welcome in a world in which we live in today. " Eben Sadie left South Africa and went in search of experience in Germany, Austria, Italy, Oregon, and finally, Burgundy. "I found that people breathe in Burgundy wine. It's part of how they move and live." Back in South Africa, Eben launched its first production of wine "Columella" on a limited budget. He made only 17 barrels from its first harvest in 2000, because he had no money to invest in the project. His goal was to make wine, which would be a little bit of grandeur, which he observed in some European wines. Eben initially knew his wines should not be monosortovymi and blended. He believes that in the cool continental climate there is always interaction with the environment and the ability to maximize the benefits of each class. Eben says that the grapes from the coast is best suited for blending, but adds: "There are always exceptions, we will never be able to reduce the process of wine production to the general rules."
The secret wines Sadi is simple - it's incredibly thorough and takes care of the vineyards. His basement is not mechanized: everything is done by gravity, using manual labor and wooden open fermenters. "This is a very clean way to make wine."


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