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Tasting Notes


Vodka is crystal clear, transparent color.


Vodka has an exceptionally soft, rounded taste, slightly oily texture and a long, pleasant aftertaste.


The aroma of vodka is subtle, elegant, pleasant, without pronounced spirituality.


Vodka is an excellent base for cocktails, it can also be served in pure form in chilled glasses or with ice.

Interesting Facts

"Saaremaa" - premium classic vodka, created on the basis of the purest water, which comes from a source from a well with a depth of 145 meters and special northern barley. Specially grown in the Scandinavian countries, six-row barley contains very little sound oil in its grains, which eliminates the possibility of an undesirable taste and aroma in the final product. The producer of vodka is sure that only through distillation it is possible to get a truly pure drink, therefore, Saaremaa vodka undergoes distillation 250 times. Silver filtration gives the drink a special softness. No additives, including sugar, are used in the manufacture of vodka.

Vodka "Saaremaa" is produced by the Estonian company Altia Eesti - a subsidiary of the alcohol company Altia Group operating in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries and is the second largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Estonia.

Producer's description

In 1888, a group of engineers created Altia in the Finnish city of Rajamäki. She was engaged in the production of pressed yeast, vinegar and alcohols. In 1919, after Finland became independent, the “Ban Act” was passed and the plant became state-owned. After the repeal of the law in 1932, Oy Alkoholiliike Ab was established, which was engaged in the production of legalized alcoholic beverages. From 1969 to 1995, the company operated under the name Oy Alko AB, having monopoly rights to the production of alcoholic beverages in Finland. And in 1995, Finland entered the European Economic Space (EEA) and the monopoly associated with foreign trade was abolished. Alko Ltd was divided into three independent subsidiaries, and the main company became known as the Altia Group .

Today, the Altia Group produces its own brands: Blossa, Chill Out, Koskenkorva, Valhalla, OP Anderson, Renault, Larsen and Xanté. The company's products are widely known in many countries of the world.


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In our store you can buy vodka "Saaremaa", 0.7 L, price "Saaremaa", 0.7 L — $ 13. Producer vodka Altia Group. Delivery "Saaremaa", 0.7 L.

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