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"Royal Dog" Apple Cider, in can, 0.44 L

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Tasting Notes


Cider is golden in color.


The juicy, sweet-sour taste of cider is pleasant freshness and good balance.


Cider has a pleasant apple flavor.


Cider is served chilled or with the addition of ice.

Interesting Facts

"Royal Dog" Apple Cider - Fresh, golden, sparkling cider, which is obtained as a result of fermentation of apple juice. It is carried out under controlled conditions, the sugar gradually turns into alcohol, whose level in the finished beverage is 4.5%. Cider does not contain dyes and sweeteners, being a completely natural product.

Quite recently in the Czech Republic a new brand of apple cider appeared - "Royal Dog". In this direction, the company "Zubr" works in cooperation with Ovexim, which produces apple juices, fruit drinks and Moravian apples. Its experts help in selecting the varieties that are best suited for making cider with surprisingly juicy taste.

Thanks to preliminary marketing research, preferences of young consumers preferring bright drinks today were revealed. Recipes and the correct combination of varieties of apples have been tested for several months.

In Moravia, in a town called Prerov, in 1872, several hundred entrepreneurs founded a brewery called the First Moravian Joint Brewery with a Malt House in Prerov, and shortly Přerov Brewery. The symbol of the brewery and the logo of its products, and then the name of the trademark was the bison inhabiting these parts.

By the end of the XIX century beer "Zubr" already became the owner of high titles at international exhibitions. In 1948 the plant was nationalized, but after 1989 it became a joint stock company again. Since that moment, the plant has experienced a new round of development, which resulted in the 12 highest awards received by the brewery products at the most prestigious competitions (not including diplomas and certificates). Not a single Czech brewery was awarded such a number of medals.

Today the brewery, which is called "Zubr" , is one of the largest in the country in terms of production volume, its products are exported to many countries of the world. The production is based on classic, traditional bottom-fermentation technologies, making beer "Zubr" a category of traditional Czech beer. Its unchanged quality and taste to this day ensure the success of the brewery.


  • Serving temperature: 12–16 °С
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  • Quantity in the box: 24
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