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Vodka "Rodnik" Classic, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Vodka of crystal clear, transparent color.


Vodka has a very mild, clean taste with a long, warming aftertaste.


The aroma of vodka is fresh, classic vodka.


Vodka goes well with first courses (hodgepodge, fish soup), fish, caviar, meat dishes, pancakes with various fillings and pies, marinades and pickles.

Interesting Facts

"Bilibina 33" Original - classic vodka made according to traditional production technology using modern equipment from high-quality grain alcohol of the "Lux" class and specially prepared artesian water, which provides the finished drink with a very mild taste. The multi-stage cleaning system guarantees crystal-clear taste and aroma. Vodka goes well with first courses (hodgepodge, fish soup), fish, caviar, meat dishes, pancakes with various fillings and pies, marinades and pickles.

Producer's description

The Povolzhsky plant "Rodnik" is a large enterprise in Samara that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The principles that the plant adheres to at the present time, namely, quality, the use of natural products and affordable prices, were laid back in 1895. Then, with the support of Count Sergei Witte, the Samara No. 1 State-owned wine warehouse was built - the future plant "Rodnik". In 1900, the enterprise expanded its territory by more than 1.5 thousand m2. For the convenience of transporting products, a broad-gauge railway line was brought to the plant. After the Revolution, the assortment of the enterprise expanded due to liqueurs and tinctures. In 1930, the company was renamed the Samara Distillery, and numbered ports and white sherry appeared in the product catalog. In 1960, the plant began to supply Russian vodka to the United States. Soon the production of the drink reached 1 million decaliters per year. The customers were 50 countries of the world, including Canada, USA, Germany, France, Spain and Greece. In 1989, the output amounted to about 4 million decalitres. In subsequent years, the plant was transformed into the Open Joint Stock Company "Rodnik", and in 2000 it became part of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosspirtprom".
In 2008, having obtained the right to trademarks of its predecessor, the revived plant "Rodnik" began the production of alcoholic beverages. A significant modernization of the production base was carried out at the plant, modern automated bottling lines were installed, which made it possible to produce approximately 5 million decalitres of products per year. In 2016, the company was part of the Kristall-Lefortovo group. In 2021, the independent enterprise Povolzhsky Combine "Rodnik" carried out a large-scale modernization of production. The production of products of the world-famous brand "Nemiroff" has begun.

At present , the Volga plant "Rodnik" has 9 automated lines for bottling drinks into a glass bottle, equipped with equipment from leading world manufacturers. Important in the production of beverages is not only the quality of the water used, but also the technology of its preparation. Natural water entering the plant undergoes a thorough 5-stage purification using the equipment of the leading companies "Grundfos" (Denmark), "Ultec" (Germany), "CSF Inox" (Italy) and "Yenisei-5" (Russia). At the beginning, the primary water enters the German ultrafiltration plant. Unique equipment removes organic and mineral impurities at the molecular level. Then the water is softened, after which it enters the reverse osmosis plant, which makes it possible to obtain water that is close in chemical composition to distilled water, but has a fresh spring taste. All technological stages of production pass through an automated control system. An accredited production and technological laboratory monitors the quality of incoming raw materials, the course of the technological process, the storage of products in warehouses, the disposal of production waste, and the sanitary condition of production facilities. In October 2022, a department for the preparation of low-alcohol drinks was put into operation. The high quality of Rodnik's products is confirmed by the awards of prestigious European competitions. The enterprise has more than 300 diplomas and medals.


  • Strength: 40%
  • Serving temperature: 4–6 °С
  • Website:
  • Quantity in the box: 30
  • Bottle type:
  • Additives:
  • Filter Type:
  • Raw materials:
  • Type of alcohol:
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