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Liqueur Riga Black Balsam, 0.7 L

$ 22
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Tasting Notes


Balm has a very dark, almost black.


Balm has a bitter-sweet taste.


Intense bouquet balm consists of various herbs.


Balsam used in pure form, as well as coffee, tea, ice cream, ice or in cocktails. Traditionally balm is used for its original purpose - as a medicine.

Interesting Facts

Famous today in many countries of the world Riga Black Balsam has received more than 50 international awards, first created for use in the medical purposes pharmacist Abraham Kunze in the middle of the XVIII century. For many years information on how to prepare unique drink was lost, but in 1954 the reconstructed bit by bit old recipe "Riga plant liquors", known today as the "Latvijas Balzams", began mass production of balsam. The basis of the "elixir" of alcoholate of 16 herbs which include lemon balm, hyssop, mint, valerian, linden blossom and give balm bitterness kidney balsamic birch growing only in Latvian marshes. This tree is listed in the "Red Book", but for a special license company "Latvijas Balzams" allowed each year to collect a certain number of buds. In total there are 24 recipe ingredient. Softens the bitterness of strong drink to use Peruvian balsam oil, caramel syrup, honey, blueberry and raspberry juice. Complements this "song" aged brandy. Some time balm is matured in oak barrels and then bottled in ceramic bottles or jugs, drink maximum protection from exposure to sunlight and temperature changes. They balm and insist until ready for at least two weeks.

Producer's description

The company Latvijas Balzams , located in Riga, is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic countries. It was founded in 1900 and owns a factory for the production of strong alcoholic beverages and a factory for the production of sparkling wines and other low-alcohol beverages. Latvijas Balzams products are made up of over 100 brands. The most famous are Riga Black Balsam and Riga Sparkling Wine.


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In our store you can buy liqueur Riga Black Balsam, 0.7 L, price Riga Black Balsam, 0.7 L — $ 22. Producer liqueur Latvijas Balzams. Delivery Riga Black Balsam, 0.7 L.

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