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Wine "Rem Akchurin" Muscat

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light golden in color.


The taste of the wine is fresh, intense, well balanced, with dominant notes of tropical and citrus fruits, lively acidity and a long, dry aftertaste.


The wine has a bright and rich varietal aroma with hints of rose, Turkish delight, tropical fruits and orange peel.


Wine is an excellent aperitif, and also goes well with seafood, cheeses, desserts and fruits.

Interesting Facts

"Rem Akchurin" Muscat is a refined dry white wine made from Muscat grapes grown in the Chernaya River valley. The vineyard is located right in the center of the river valley, where a special terroir creates favorable conditions for the cultivation of grapes. The floodplain field, well blown by the wind, is composed of a thin layer of alluvial soils on rocky bedrock material. In the vineyard, drip irrigation is used if necessary. The average age of the vines reaches 10 years. Harvested by hand when the berries reach optimum ripeness. Vinification takes place using the traditional method used for white grape varieties, with cryomaceration for 14 hours, which made the already aromatic variety even more interesting and richer.

Rem Akchurin is a third generation winemaker. Rem began to receive vocational training at the Simferopol Agricultural Institute, however, quickly becoming disillusioned with the domestic and somewhat outdated education system, Rem left to study in Germany, the University of Geisenheim, one of the world's oldest institutes of viticulture. Rem still speaks of education in Germany with sincere admiration. In addition to a rich theoretical base, Rem received serious practical training. During his studies at the University of Geisenheim, each student had to submit 5 of his own wine projects, that is, to produce his own wine on the equipment of the university. Since Rem studied at a faculty that combined different drinks, his task was many times more difficult. The young student winemaker, in addition to wine projects, had projects on beer, juice and even water preparation, which, according to Rem, was the most difficult task. After his studies, Rem did an internship for a year and a half at the German manufacturer Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG, which amazed him, in his homeland he did not meet such scale and technological excellence. "There is automation there, in a workshop for 30 million liters 1 person, and he almost never went there. Here at Inkerman there is at least 30 tons of press, how to work there?" - Rem Akchurin says. Rem's diploma work on planning a bottling line found practical application at the Sevastopol winery. Rem returned to his homeland in 2008.

Today Rem Akchurin owns 67 hectares of vineyards in the Montenegrin region, some of which were planted in 2006 by his father Alexei Akchurin. For many years the vineyards were used only as a resource base for other producers. Varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Muscat are cultivated here. In his work in the vineyards, Rem follows foreign practices; with his technological solutions, he surprises local producers a lot. In 2018, Rem presented wines under his own brand, produced and bottled at the facilities of Igor Samsonov's Satera wine-making company. Part of the harvest from Akchurin's vineyards is still sold to other producers who have appreciated the high quality of raw materials. At the moment, Rem, together with his father, is planning to open his own winery; in the path of the talented winemaker there are a number of obstacles legislative and legal issues, which the Akchurins family is gradually and with dignity coping with.

Producer's description

Wine company "Suter", founded in 2001 - a powerful enterprise, which is one of the leaders in the wine industry of the Crimea. The owner of the company - Igor Samsonov - a long time engaged in distribution of alcoholic beverages. By building the winery pushed his negative attitude to the Crimean wine consumers as to low-cost, low-quality drink. In 2000, Samsonov rented an old winery in Bakhchisarai area, made a reconstruction of the building, installed new bottling line. Three years later he bought the plant, becoming its rightful owner. Today, "Suter", whose name comes from the word "sat" (rich) and "tera" (earth), launches about 3.6 million bottles of wine per year. Raw materials for the production of partially grown on its own vineyards, partly purchased from the Crimean wine-growers that have to meet stringent requirements: for example, non-chemical treatment of vines or harvest a special 12-kg plastic crates.
Wine "Suter" Igor Samsonov divides commercial (cheap) and boutique under the name "Essay", the production of which were defeated own vineyards.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 10-12 °С
  • Website:


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