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Wine Joseph Drouhin, Puligny-Montrachet, 2009

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Tasting Notes


Wine clean and bright color with flashes of white gold.


Silky and fresh wine, with a complex rich floral and fruity taste and a long persistent finish.


In the sweet fragrance of wine present tone of flowering trees and flesh white fruit such as peaches and white. With age, the bouquet appear shades of almonds and dried fruit.


Due to the richness of the bouquet and flavor of elegance, this wine deserves to be served gourmet cuisine: shellfish in wine sauce and fish specialties prepared on the grill.

Interesting Facts

Area of Puligny-Montrachet, located in the middle of the Côte de Beaune and famous for its Grand Cru wines and great, is of ancient origin. Its name comes from the French "mont rachaz" - "Bald Mountain". It is possible that in Roman times it belonged to a certain area Pullius. This is where the grapes are grown for the best dry white wines in the world with a bright bouquet and elegant taste. The climate - polusredizemnomorsky. Soil area - limestone with a mixture of ocher and small pebbles. Vines in the vineyards are planted very firmly - 10,000 plants per hectare - to extract all possible nuances of terroir.

Wine production Puligny-Montrachet is carried out in several stages. Harvesting takes place by hand, for greater safety berries. Pressing the grapes are very careful to keep the maximum fruity in flavor and aroma. Juice pomace last used. Also, do not use any yeast or other enzymes. White wine immediately after the filtration is sent in French oak barrels, of which 25% - a new, where aged for 12 months.

Wine Puligny-Montrachet, 2009 very aromatic, with a lot of style and balance. The wine shows sweet flavor that makes it very attractive in their youth. Vintage 2009 shows the "rock" and rightfully takes its place among the vintages ending in "9" in the last century, as well as great vintages 2005, 1978, 1961. Ageing potential of wine - from 8 to 20 years.

Joseph Drouhin winery was founded in 1880 in Bonn. To date, this is a family business with a long tradition and centuries of history that has passed many stages of development and formation. The main contribution to the company introduced Robert Drouhin, who, since 1957, has expanded ownership, acquired vineyards in the regions of Italy, which does have potential. In the acquisition of vineyards always invest more, but the pride of the house wine is the vineyard "Clos de Mouches" around Bon. Yields specifically understated by an average of 20% of the permitted by legislation to maintain a high quality of products. Also one of the key points that the company adheres to the end of the 60s, is exclusively biodynamic and biological principles of processing the vineyards, excluding the use of all kinds of pesticides and chemicals.

Today owning Joseph Drouhin over 75 hectares of vineyards and 90 appellasonov, and is considered the largest in the region. Their wine is rightly recognized as a unique, intense, delicate taste which is revealed slowly, passing all the bright colors and the aroma of berries. The style is based on the refinement of taste and refinement. A distinctive feature of wine - a striking purity of taste, the giver of pleasure infinitely long.


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