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Brandy Pivni palenka Zufanek, 0.5 L

$ 13
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Tasting Notes


Brandy pure transparent color.


An interesting and unusual taste of brandy filled with shades of beer foam, hops and spices.


The aroma of brandy different characteristic notes of bread and beer wort.


Beer brand is best to use as a standalone drink, you can add the ice cubes.

Interesting Facts

Beer Palinka Zhufanek - an interesting, unconventional brandy obtained by distillation of fresh light beer with Extra brewery Janacek. Bread yeast give the drink a bright, unique flavor. Beer palinkas cooking process includes triple distillation using modern equipment with a special column technology. Beer Palinka Zhufaneka created by the original family recipe of Czech beer, a similar drink there in Germany, where he enjoys great popularity and is called Bierbrand.

Family horticultural and beekeeping farm Zusy, founded in 2000, is engaged in processing fruit, honey and produces high-quality fruit spirits, liqueurs and honey drinks under the brand Zufanek. The company was established by spouses and Marcel Joseph Zhufanek, helped their sons - Martin, Joseph and Yang. The farm is located in a small area Borshitse in Blatnice in Zlin region. Gardens belonging to the family, occupy 15 hectares in the region Moravian Slovak at an altitude of 340 meters above sea level. This area has a great climate suitable for growing fruit trees. The exposition area south-east and south-west, the soil - chernozem, average weight, average annual rainfall is 730 mm. Fruits are processed with the help of modern technology and equipment. Drinks Zhufanek have fresh taste and rich aroma, reflecting the terroir Foothills Reserve White Carpathians. All products are produced mainly from its own raw materials for the original proven recipes, without artificial colorants, flavors and fragrances.



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In our store you can buy brandy Pivni palenka Zufanek, 0.5 L, price Pivni palenka Zufanek, 0.5 L — $ 13. Producer brandy Zufanek. Delivery Pivni palenka Zufanek, 0.5 L.

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