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Vodka Viche Pitia 1765, Caraway, 0.7 L

$ 126
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Tasting Notes


The drink is crystal clear, transparent color.


In a pure, perfectly balanced flavor drink felt the tone of cumin.


The drink has a discreet, subtle and balanced aroma of cumin.


"Caraway" great as an aperitif and mezhblyudnogo drink.

Interesting Facts

A unique collection of alcoholic beverages "Higher drinking in 1765" has no analogues in the world and a number of flavors created by all the canons of Catherine's era. "Higher drinking in 1765" - it's delicious, it's an aperitif and digestif, this introductory chord any table-gastronomic symphony, it is not only the aroma and taste, but also your well-being and mood.
According to the results of tasting competition "Ultimate Spirits Challenge", held 11-15 March 2013 in New York, drinks under the brand name "Higher drinking" received high marks and included in the rating in the category "Flavoured vodka". So, vodka "Higher drinking 1765. Caraway" received 89 points and finished 2-4 in the category. Also, the jury noted the drink reviews "Great taste" and "Major Recommendations".

Historical analogies "Higher drinking 1765. Caraway" - "Yerofeyich Caraway," which represent the quintessence of classical Russian alcohol and was "king" of the Russian snack meal. "Yerofeyich" stands out as a special class of alcoholic beverages - tinctures that the production is not diluted with water, and are therefore not included in the category of vodkas. But "Yerofeyich" not widespread due to unprofitability of production, high labor costs, high costs and a lack of highly skilled craftsmen. In 1765 Catherine II signed the new Charter of distilling, which became the impetus for the development of unprecedented technologies manufacture of refined alcohol from grain wine - "Higher Pitey." Began the Golden Age of Russian vodka.

"Higher drinking 1765. Caraway" made ​​from rye with caraway seeds insistence on before the final distillation. Striking feature of the beverage - gastric euphoria ("spark"). The drink is ideal as an aperitif. In addition to the pleasure of drinking, he perfectly balances the sense of taste any meals - could alleviate spices, adds spice to the sweet and creamy taste, salted and smoked shades, making them easy. "Caraway" as mezhblyudnogo great drink, great washes memories eaten for the perception of a new dish.
Of course, "Higher drinking" can be used or well cooled with ice in small glasses, single gulp, but for maximum development and flavor characteristics of an ideal better perception of the beverage, so that it was at room temperature or slightly cooled.

The main objective of the French company Maison de la Vodka, created in February 2010 on the basis of Russian-French partnership, - the restoration of old Russian recipes and production on the basis of their spirits XVIII-XIX century. Management companies Lapytsky Konstantin and Igor Shein long time looking for plants that would carry out the distillation in copper alambikah to allow for the most delicate, the most "pure" alcohol. They found it plants in France, in the Cognac region - so was born the project "Higher drinking."
Selecting the place of manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the Cognac region is not accidental, as required for the manufacture of alcohol easily manageable system for ferrying copper pot stills and centuries-old experience of French cognac master distillers. A distinctive feature of drinks "Higher drinking" vodka is that they are manufactured in the process of distillation in copper alambike alone or infusions from natural ingredients without adding water.



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In our store you can buy vodka Viche Pitia 1765, Caraway, 0.7 L, price Viche Pitia 1765, Caraway, 0.7 L — $ 126. Producer vodka Maison de la Vodka. Delivery Viche Pitia 1765, Caraway, 0.7 L.

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