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Cognac Pierre Lecat, VS "Instinct", 0.7 L

$ 85
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Tasting Notes


Cognac pure sunny yellow color.


The taste of brandy is voluminous, soft, smooth, pleasant, warm, rounded, with a surprisingly long finish with notes of vanilla and rose petals.


The pleasant, sweet aroma of brandy reveals notes of soft spices, vanilla, dried fruits (peach, pear, apple) and yellow flowers.


Cognac is good as a digestif, aperitif, in combination with coffee, tea, cigar and desserts.

Interesting Facts

Cognac Pierre Lecat, VS "Instinct" is made from a blend of grape spirits aged in Limousin oak barrels for at least three years. Grapes varieties Ugni Blanc, Colombar and Fol Blanche is grown in appellasone Cognac. A mild microclimate reigns here with the absence of strong winds, heat and rain. Most of the blend falls on distillate from Ugni Blanc grapes - about 90%. Grape wine, obtained as a result of slow alcoholic fermentation, ripens for some time on the lees, and then goes without distillation for distillation.

Producer's description

The history of the cognac House Pierre Lecat began in the middle of the last century, when the grandfather Jean Luc Lesudyu, the present co-owner of the company, returned to Saint-Fren to rebuild the family farm and plant new vineyards. The crisis of the 1870s, associated with the defeat of phylloxera, destroyed a significant part of the vines in the province of Cognac, and many farmers were forced to leave the region in search of work. It took a lot of effort so that the vineyards could regain their former glory. Since the 1970s, the farm has resumed the production of wine of the required quality in sufficient volume, able to satisfy the needs of most cognac houses.

The farm owns about 25 hectares of vineyards, of which 20 hectares are given for the cultivation of grapes specifically for the production of brandy. The remaining area is dedicated to the cultivation of grapes, intended for the creation of the Pineau des Charentes, red wines and grape juices. Vineyards are planted in the main variety Ugni Blanc (more than 90%), Kolombar and Fol Blanche accounted for the remaining about 10% of the volume of berries grown. If wine production requires 20 kg of grapes per liter of finished product, then at least 7 liters of wine will be required to create a liter of brandy. The grapes are harvested at the stage of optimum ripeness, usually the harvest season is in October.

The distillation stage starts, as a rule, between the first days of November and March 31. Twofold distillation of unfiltered wine (with or without sediment) is carried out in traditional 40-year distillery cubes. In the process of distillation, the "head" and "tail" fractions are cut off and only the "heart" is allowed in the production of cognac. Maturation is one of the key stages that turns brandy into brandy. Grape distillates are aged in 270 and 450-liter French oak barrels. Cognac - a living product that is created exclusively in a natural way. Ready-made brandy does not contain any dyes and burnt sugar.


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In our store you can buy cognac Pierre Lecat, VS "Instinct", 0.7 L, price Pierre Lecat, VS "Instinct", 0.7 L — $ 85. Producer cognac Pierre Lecat. Delivery Pierre Lecat, VS "Instinct", 0.7 L.

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