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Wine Piantaferro, "Intrigo" Valpolicella DOC, 2017

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark and deep ruby color.


The taste of wine is harmonious and balanced, with excellent acidity and generous fruity notes. The finish is long and refreshing.


Aromatic bouquet of wine is rich, replete with bright and concentrated tones of ripe berries, among which the dominant place is occupied by cherry shades.


The wine will make an excellent pair of main dishes, pate, white and red meat, pasta, risotto, as well as sliced cheeses and salami.

Interesting Facts

Wines line "Piantaferro" produced at the winery 47 Anno Domini, which is part of the group "Tombacco." The name of the brand "Piantaferro" is formed by the combination of two Italian words - "pianta" (plant, culture) and "ferro" (iron, rod) and comes from the local farming tradition: farmers pinned fertile lands with a stuck pin. The trademark of the Piantaferro series is presented in the form of three stylized rows of vineyards, symbolizing the high fertility of the Piave lands.

To create a dry red wine Piantaferro, "Intrigo" Valpolicella DOC producer uses Corvina grapes grown in the vineyards of the Valpolicella region. The taste and aroma of the wine to fully reflect all the features and uniqueness of the terroir, and thanks to the dedicated work of winemakers, the wine can boast a generous fruity bouquet, both in taste and aroma. The wine is quite gastronomic, so its presence will brighten up any event.

The unusual name - 47 Anno Domini - the winery received thanks to 47 AD ("47 AD" in Latin means "47 year after Christ"). Emperor Claudius this year completed the construction of one of the most important highways of ancient Rome. The road was of such great importance for the communications of a vast empire that it acquired its own name - Claudia Augusta. Currently, 25 hectares of vineyards of the company are located just on both sides of the historic road that passes through the entire winery. The fertile soil of the vineyard consists mainly of clay and is rich in mineral salts. The proximity of the river Piave gives a special character to wines made from grapes growing along its banks. The company grows traditional varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, as well as the local varieties Rabozo, Carmenere and Prosecco, which produce both sparkling and still wines on stubborn soils difficult for agriculture.
Winery 47 Anno Domini successfully located just a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast and very close to the historic center of Treviso, in an area intended for the production of "Win Piave". Within the boundaries of the modern 47 Anno Domini winery, cultural events and artistic performances are held regularly. Wine boutique, located on the territory of the winery, offers themed tours and tastings, where visitors get acquainted with the art of winemaking. The original, somewhat eccentric architectural style in which the winery office is built, makes it a desirable object for weddings and parties.

The Tombacco company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century as an agricultural one for growing fruit. Since its inception, all efforts have been focused on producing the highest quality products. Tombacco's philosophy has always been based on love for the land and traditions. In 1919, inspired by the results, the Tombacco company began working in the viticulture sector, creating the Vinicola Tombacco (Vinicola Tombacco) and began to grow grapes and process it, and then produce wines. A bottling plant was built, equipped with modern technology. Thus was born the company, which for many years presents a variety of wines on the regional and global markets.

Vinicola Tombacco is located in Trebaseleghe, a small town near Padua, Treviso and Venice. Vineyards spread in the center of the region Triveneto. This amazing territory, although very close to the sea, is protected from the wind by mountainous spaces and is rich in rivers. In such conditions, the vines give generous yields, and the wines are rich and especially exquisite.


  • Color depth: dark
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 16–18 °С
  • Website:
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