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Water "Perrier", PET, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


Water transparent color with large bubbles.


Water has a unique, clean, refreshing, invigorating taste.


The aroma of fresh water, clean.


Water can be consumed throughout the day, during the meal, as an aperitif or digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Perrier" - A highly mineral water with premium, which is produced in the south of France in the Valley of the Vosges. Source "Les Bouillens" was known for its healing properties since ancient times. Water has exceptional bacteriological purity and carbonizes (carbonated) naturally underground volcanic gases. This refreshing, invigorating drink moderate amounts of minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium) contains no preservatives and sugar, and aids in digestion. The healing properties of water recognized by the French Academy of Medicine. Water "Perrier" bottled in green bottle's unique shape, around the world has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle.

Source under the name "Les Bouillens" (translated from the French "boiling water"), which produced water "Perrier", formed 120 million years ago. In 1863, Napoleon III signed a decree recognizing the water from "Les Bouillens" natural mineral water and its healing qualities confirmed by scientists. Owner section - Alphonse Granier - opened a popular spa, which in 1869 was destroyed by fire. Restore the resort failed, and he ceased to exist. In 1898, the owner of "Les Bouillens" becomes a doctor and politician Louis Eugene Perry, who is trying to improve water sales in France, but a fiasco. In 1903, Eugene shares Perrier buys British Lord Harmsworth, who called the water "Perrier" and developed a bottle for her symbolic form, in which water is poured until now.

Thanks Harmsworth water became popular in Britain and the British colonies (New Delhi, Singapore). In 1905 Harmsworth received the title of "Supplier to the destination of His Majesty the King of England." And in 1908, the Franco-British Exhibition in London water "Perrier" was awarded the Grand Prix "Mineral Water - Sale of the Year" for the sale of 5 million. Bottles.

After the death of Harmsworth in 1933, World War II, a company selling water "Perrier" fell into disrepair. In this state, it was bought in 1947 by Gustave Leven stockbroker, appreciating the rich potential of the source and water. Thanks Leven production was renovated and modernized, and in 1948 sales of water increased from 30 to 150 million bottles. In early 1976, the export of water in the United States, which in 1988 reached 300 million bottles.

In 1992, the brand, "Perrier" was sold to Nestle, created for the production and sale of mineral water ad hoc group Nestle Waters SA, which is currently the world leader in the sale of bottled water for nearly 70 brands, including Perrier, Vittel, S. Pellegrino, Nestle Pure Life, and others. Today, "Perrier" is exported to 150 countries and is one of the most widely exported French drinks.

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In our store you can buy bottled water "Perrier", PET, 1 L, price "Perrier", PET, 1 L — $ 3. Producer bottled water Nestle Waters. Delivery "Perrier", PET, 1 L.

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