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Syrup "Pages" Coconut, 1 L

$ 15
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Tasting Notes


In a gentle milky syrup.


The syrup has an exotic flavor with hints of coconut.


Syrup aroma is very nice and sweet, with hints of coconut.


The syrup is used for desserts, pastries and cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Pages, Coconut - fragrant, sweet fruit syrup, which are used for the production of only natural ingredients. This allows for a long time to maintain the beneficial properties of coconut. "Pagès" Coco does not contain any preservatives and synthetic ingredients, and to enhance the taste of the manufacturer uses natural juices. The syrup is very pleasant to the taste, it felt bright notes of exotic fruits, which are interwoven with hints of coconut. Thanks to the harmony of taste, characteristic flavor and color of the syrup is ideal for the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and desserts.

Producer's description

In the XIX century in France in the town of Le Puy-en-Velay Auvergne lived gerbarist Joseph Rumilly Sharrete who worked pharmacist. While the treatment was carried out with the help of herbs, tinctures and other traditional methods. In Sharrete was a lot of customers, and he was earning decent. But, despite this, the pharmacist all the time in search of something new, committed to open. In 1859, he mixed together more than 30 plants, and the mixture was distilled using a distillation apparatus. The resulting liquor was above all praise. The formula creation was perfect. The dominant component of the mixture was lemon verbena (aka Verveine or lemon verben). Therefore, the drink was called "Verveine du Velay Rumillet Charretier". The recipe of preparation of this liqueur was so brilliant that his creator was afraid that recipe can be stolen. Therefore, a recipe handed down to us under the banner of the strictest confidence. It has become a tradition.

In 1886 Joseph Sharrete handed over the reins to his cousin, Victor Pagès (Victor Pages). Victor was a very vain man, and therefore gave the brand its name - Verveine du Velay Pagès. But his vanity did not affect the development of the company, to which he devoted his entire life and strength. Thanks to Victor about the brand Pages became known not only in France but also far beyond its borders.
Grandson of Victor - Raymond Julien-Pagès, who was supposed to be the next owner of the company, engaged in the tourism business, he had two network of family hotels in France, so that the company he had neither the strength nor the time. Raymond found a worthy replacement. Since 1984, the owners of the company becomes a concern Renaud Cointreau.

After more than half a century, Pagès brand is very popular and influential. The company produces liqueurs, aperitifs and even non-alcoholic syrups. Manufacturers true to the traditions. In the production of their products, they prefer to use natural raw materials, which is influenced by the quality of the produced beverages. Verbena for cooking liquor company Pagès grows independently. As additives in drinks manufacturer uses brandy, sugar, honey, and other natural ingredients. After distillation, drinks are aged in oak barrels for several months, where they acquire softness and completeness. After the drinks are ready, they are sent to the municipality Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy. There they were poured into bottles and signature are sent at different points in the world.


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In our store you can buy syrup "Pages" Coconut, 1 L, price "Pages" Coconut, 1 L — $ 15. Producer syrup Pages. Delivery "Pages" Coconut, 1 L.

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