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Текила Olmeca Tezon Blanco, 0.75

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Tasting Notes


Clean, transparent.


The taste is rounded, with bright citrus nuances, with hints of honey, vanilla and spices.


Dominated by citrus aroma, complemented with a touch of hot peppers


Olmeca Tezon Blanco is self-sufficient in its pure form, but can be the basis for the unique cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Olmeca Tezon Blanco - bright, rich taste of tequila super-premium 100% agave. Olmeca Tezon Blanco won a gold medal from the Institute of tasting drinks in Chicago (Beverage Testing Institute) in 2007.
A distinctive feature of this tequila is a unique way to get the juice of blue agave, it is based on the use of wheel-press, made from volcanic mineral tezontl. Another feature of the production of tequila Olmeca Tezon - double check the resulting alcohol. Firstly - a chemical laboratory analysis of each batch of distillate, and secondly - assessment drink two tasters, whose delicate scent captures the slightest deviation from the sample. Bottle Tezon - it is a work of art, each one numbered for tracking quality control beverage.

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