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Tasting Notes


Sake transparent color.


Sake has a soft, smooth, dry flavor with expressive structure.


Light aroma of sake filled with fruit and floral nuances.


Sake goes well with hot Japanese dishes, seafood, sushi, rolls and chips, nuts, cheese.

Interesting Facts

Sake - traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice. Sake varies by species, depending on the rice. For the manufacture of sake "Josen" Home Type White from the company Nihon-Sakari used white rice, through which light is transmitted drink, a little dryish flavor and a nice soft scent. After grinding rice is washed, soaked and steamed. About a quarter of the rice goes to the creation of the leaven, which cooled to 30 degrees, and then for about 35 hours kept in a hot and humid environment. Then the resulting mash is mixed with yeast and the rest of steamed rice and pour water. The fermentation process takes approximately three months. After fermentation in sake added little distilled grain alcohol (14-17%), after which the beverage is purified, filtered and pasteurized. Sake "Zhosen" Home Taipei White recommended to serve warm.

The company "Nihon Sakari" was founded in 1889. For more than 100 years, "Nihon Sakari" produces sake, plum wine, and Japanese drink Shochu, relying on traditional methods of production. All products are of the highest quality plant. In 1913, the company was honored to be a supplier of the Imperial Court of Japan, and its famous sake "Souhana" was applied to the inauguration of the Emperor Showa. Today, "Nihon Sakari" produces sake in various regions of Japan, including in the famous Nada (Nishinomiya), famous for its clean water and rice of excellent quality - the best ingredients for the production of good sake.


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In our store you can buy sake Nihon-Sakari Josen Home Type White, gift box, 720 ml, price Nihon-Sakari Josen Home Type White, gift box, 720 ml — $ 12. Producer sake Nihon Sakari. Delivery Nihon-Sakari Josen Home Type White, gift box, 720 ml.

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