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Sake Mukune Junmai Ginjo, 300 ml

$ 24
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Tasting Notes


Sake light golden color.


Sake has a delicate taste with hints of honey, exotic fruits and clean aftertaste.


Sake very pleasant and sweet aroma with tones of rice, melon and honey, blend harmoniously with hints of white pepper.


Mukune Dzyunmay Gindzё perfectly with the Japanese, Asian, Mediterranean cuisine, and any fish dishes. Serve at a temperature of 12-14 ° C.

Interesting Facts

Mukune Junmai Ginjo - this exquisite premium sake with hints of honey and fruits, it is based on the local spring water and rice Yamadanisiki (the remainder of the grinding rice 55%), fermentation is carried out at low temperature. Sake is aged in enamelled steel tanks for 6 months. The name brand Mukune was in honor of the old village in Osaka "Mukune." Mukune Junmai Ginjo Sake won 88 points from Steven Tanzer!


Agriculture Daimon Shuzo (Shuji Dimon), also known as Sakagura, was founded in 1826, it is located at the foot of a mountain range in Ikoma kata. Catano (Katano) occupies a prominent place in the history of Japan. In the Heian period (1000 years ago) West Japan aristocrats came here to enjoy the beautiful landscape with blooming cherry trees in the spring and an unforgettable view of the mountains. Local residents of the region were engaged in hunting, production of cotton oil and silk. Manufacture of sake began in the Edo period, but several local producers have only sake farm Dimon Shuji.

Today economy is headed Yasutaka Daimon, the sixth generation. He notes that in recent years in Japan, there is a tendency to reduce the production of sake in favor of other beverages, such as wine. Yasutaka Daimon company is proud of the traditional drink, taste and method of use is inextricably linked to the culture and spirit of Japan. The company's goal is the production of high-quality sake. Daimon Shuzo produces about 500 «koku» per year. One coca (the traditional measure of sake in Japan) - about 180 liters. Thus, the company produces about 90 kiloliters of Sake in the traditional season, which begins in October and ends in early April. According to industry standards this amount is considered to be small, allowing Dimon Shuji strictly control the quality of the produced sake.

The most important factor in creating good sake is water. Dimon uses mineral-rich water from a natural spring, this water is a great interest, it preferred to use for Japanese tea ceremonies, or home use in tea or coffee. The company, in collaboration with local farms grows rice Yamada Nishiki, which is the king among the varieties used for the production of sake. Dimon specializes in the production of premium sake, which has its own unique style. In the production process of sake is not filtered, which explains the color saturation and opacity. Dimon Shuji creates a well-balanced, full-bodied, soft sake, often infused with fruity tones such as peach or pear.

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In our store you can buy sake Mukune Junmai Ginjo, 300 ml, price Mukune Junmai Ginjo, 300 ml — $ 24. Producer sake Daimon Shuzo. Delivery Mukune Junmai Ginjo, 300 ml.

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