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Liqueur "Mozart" Gold Chocolate, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor coffee color with cream shade.


Liquor has an unusually sweet taste with a pleasant bitterness, hints of milk chocolate, rich tones of cream and vanilla.


Liquor has a wonderful aroma with notes of chocolate and cream.


Liquor Mozart Gold Chocolate beautiful pure ice, it perfectly combines with coffee and ice cream. Liquor used in cooking, as well as for the manufacture of fine cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Mozart Gold Chocolate - an elegant premium liquor, it consists of only natural ingredients, production is carried out without the use of artificial colors and flavors. Liquor made from delicious cocoa distillate, milk chocolate, fresh cream and bourbon vanilla.

Mozart Distillerie distillery started to produce their products in 1954 in the Austrian city of Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Produces more than 30 years, chocolate liqueur was designed as a tribute to a great musician. Many ingredients, recipes and production methods are secret, but we know that for izgotavleniye liquor company uses two elite varieties of cocoa - Forastero and Trinitario, which are specially made for the distillery Mozart Distillerie. Cocoa mixed with alcohol and is aged in barrels for about two months. A portion of the resulting high-quality infusion passes distillation. Cocoa distillate - is the foundation of all beverages Mozart.
For the production of chocolate conching normally used - this vigorous mixing at high temperatures, resulting in the cocoa solids are rounded, and the consistency is more homogeneous in cooking liquors Mozart this technology is called sound-milling «sound grinding". Due to the effect of sound and ultrasound cocoa solids and cocoa butter are mixed and broken, resulting in high quality chocolate created. Mozart as any music comprises sounds of different frequencies, including ultrasound. Thus, for the production of liqueurs Mozart also used the music of the great musician. Known worldwide bottle original form packed with special technology, which helps to protect from light precious content. Each batch of liquor is thoroughly tested, which guarantees impeccable quality. To the neck of the bottle with liquor attached tag indicating the distinguishing features of the drink, as well as the required shelf life information and recommendations for use.
Guarantee of quality and innovative design - that's focused on what campaign activities Mozart Distillerie. She is a master not only in the production of alcohol, but also knows a lot about the art of making pastry gorgeous chocolate. The company is proud that its products are not only well received by customers, but also receive top honors at the famous competition, which confirms its high reputation. Mozart Distillery products are exported to over 70 countries worldwide.



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