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Mezcal "Monte Alban" with agave worm, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Straw-gold color.


Aged Monte Alban Mezcal has a more buttery and full-bodied flavor than tequila Anejo. The bouquet is dominated by shades of smoke, burnt oak and agave.


Aroma reveals a creamy cream tones with a hint of smoke.


In Mexico, mezcal is accepted to use, drinking Sangrita or in combination with national dishes, among which the most popular enchiladas, burritos, tacos and beef "Fajitas" spiced fiery hot sauce salsas. According to tradition, when drinking of a bottle of mezcal "worm Juanito" way neatly divided equally between the parties to a feast, and to receive a smaller portion of the tracks - it means to be insulted. In the US and Europe, mezcal, tequila drink as paired with lime and salt, a bag which is already attached to the bottle.

Interesting Facts

Mezcal - the predecessor of tequila, which first began to be manufactured in Mexico in the 16th century after the Spanish conquistadors obtained by distillation from the traditional low-alcohol drink pulque more robust. The difference between tequila and mescal is that the production of mezcal is used about 5 varieties of agave, whereas tequila is made only from Weber blue agave grown in the vicinity of Jalisco. Also, there are a number of technical differences creation of this drink, so it gets more intense, buttery flavor with characteristic smoky tones. Despite the fact that today, mezcal is made across almost all of Mexico, it can only be exported from 6 Mexican states, but until 1990 it altogether could be found only in Mexico.
One of the few items that can be found outside of Mexico is Monte Alban Mezcal producing near the town of Mitla, Oaxaca. It belongs to the so-called sustained mezcal, and is stored in oak barrels from 1 to 3 years, thus becoming more mellow taste, which are expressed tone burnt oak. Monte Alban mezcal feature is that each bottle is required to put the caterpillar Hypopta agavis, who lives on young plants and agave is a kind of seal of quality beverage from Mitla. It is believed that the original caterpillar put in mezcal to check how clean and hard to get a drink, but today this tradition is preserved more like a publicity stunt. Also to the neck of each bottle of Monte Alban tied bag of salt brown-red color, which it owes chili and all the same dried and pulverized into a powder caterpillars.


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