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Бренди Metaxa Private Reserve, gift box, 0.7

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Tasting Notes


Brandy color of dark amber with a touch of honey.


Comprehensive, generous, pleasant warming taste Metaxa is filled with gentle tones of oak, orange peel, raisins, dried figs and tobacco. A long aromatic aftertaste decorate smoky nuances and tones of dried fruit (plum, fig).


Exciting aroma of dried flowers decorated with notes of oak in the process of aeration is replaced by a combination of shades voskhitetelnym old honey, peel of citrus fruits, coffee, chocolate, pear compote and a mixture of sweet spices.


Brandy is recommended to serve in a short open glass, can reveal the whole range of flavors of this delicious drink. Private Reserve is ideal for important receptions, dinner closed. Served neat or with ice as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Metaxa Private Reserve - the oldest and most outstanding brand in the collection of Metaxa. Privat Reserve - a standard of aristocracy, it is available in limited quantities and is undoubtedly the pride of the company. In the old cellar, where it seems that time stands still, carefully kept carefully selected alcohols, which are aged in Limousin oak barrels for 20-30 years. After blending of these alcohols with excellent Muscat wines from the islands of Limnos and Samos, born legendary Metaxa Private Reserve - a drink for the elite, which is an inherent part of the collection of any connoisseur. This brandy combines a long tradition, skill and talent of people who sincerely love their job. Metaxa Private Reserve - the perfect gift for any occasion.

Brandy Metaxa - the most famous strong drink in Greece, it got its name from a man with "a great sense of taste" and excitement entrepreneur - Spyros Metaxa. Founder of the House METAXA set an ambitious goal of creating a unique beverage with a high strength and a soft aromatic taste. Overcoming complexity and risks, Spyros Metaxa achieved tremendous success in achieving its goal. Brandy Metaxa - delicious, soft, but it's nice refreshing drink. Its production started in 1888 and within a few years became the exported products to different countries of the world.

The basis of the recipe Metaxa - a distillate, which is made from wine, consisting of three grape varieties: Sultanina, Savatyano and Black Corinth. After distilling spirits bottled in small French oak barrels Limousin, where, depending on the type of future brand, they are aged from 3 to 30 years. Ripe alcohols blended with gorgeous muscat wines, extracts of May rose petals and Mediterranean herbs that give the drink softness and richness; blend then placed for six months in large oak casks. Before filling brandy cooled for two days and filtered beverage thus rendered resistant to precipitation.

Today, S and E and A Metaxa ABE remains true to the traditions and implements a particular style of METAXA, created by the founder of the House.

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