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Tequila Messicano Alteno Gold, 0.7 L

$ 25
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Tasting Notes


Drink light amber.


Expressive, refreshing, smooth taste of tequila is filled with hints of fruit and citrus.


The drink has a bright, classic scent with notes of fruit blue agave.


Tequila drink perfectly pure. As an ingredient in cocktails, it will bring to drink a special piquancy and charm.

Interesting Facts

"Messicano Alteno Gold" - a bright Mexican tequila, with a male character, who was born in Jalisco. The drink is created on the basis of the blue agave juice, and gets a nice amber color with the addition of caramel. Fruits of agave, aged on average 10 years old, collected from plantations exclusively by hand. It is interesting that in this process, because of the complexity and tradition, only men participate. The plant is delivered to the factory where cleaned and divided into 2-4 parts. In the next step agave amenable to heat treatment in brick kilns - it softens the fruit and facilitates the extraction of juice. The resulting juice is mixed with pure water and a special yeast, then wanders a few days. The resulting light liquor is subjected to a double distillation, which provides a soft drink and emphasizes the tone of agave flavor and aroma. Tequila "Messicano" will make an excellent couple of sangria - another nationality, but, unlike tequila - soft drinks, which includes lime juice, tomato, and a mixture of peppers and spices. Tequila line "Messicano" because of its softness is an excellent base for cocktails.

Mexican company "Finos De Agave" has existed since 1996 and is a group of entrepreneurs led by Mr. Ricardo. The main directions of their activity - production and quality DISTRIBUTION Mexican tequila. Their shoulders more than 30 years of experience with blue agave tequila that allows you to create a best Mexican traditions, using old recipes and combining them with modern technology. The company produces about 500 thousand liters of tequila in a month and successfully exports its products to many countries.


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In our store you can buy tequila Messicano Alteno Gold, 0.7 L, price Messicano Alteno Gold, 0.7 L — $ 25. Producer tequila Finos de Agave. Delivery Messicano Alteno Gold, 0.7 L.

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