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Tequila "Maxximo de Codorniz" Silver, 0.5 L

$ 14
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Tasting Notes


Tequila crystal clear, transparent color.


The taste of tequila is soft, but at the same time rich, with tones of blue agave and piquant notes of hot chili pepper.


Tequila has a rich aroma with notes of agave and spicy spices.


Tequila is recommended as a digestif, with ice, salt and lime, juices, as part of alcoholic cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Maxximo de Codorniz" Silver is a young, white, seasoned tequila with a soft and clean taste. A strong Mexican drink is made from excellent blue agave grown on the red hills of Los Altos of the famous state of Jalisco. Only one type of agave is suitable for this drink - Agave azul Tequilana Weber, which locals call "magicians". The combination of traditional and innovative technologies allows to achieve unique taste and aromatic characteristics. The designation "Silver" indicates a lack of aging in oak barrels. Before bottling, tequila only “rests” in open glass containers for a short time. "Maximo de Codorniz" Silver s remains for 51% of blue agave distillate, the remaining 49% is alcohol from sugar cane. Thanks to its pure taste, tequila is ideal for creating cocktails, the most popular of which is Margarita.

The history of tequila began more than 400 years ago, the discovery belongs to the Mexican Indian. Until that time, the Toltec tribe inhabiting these deserted places simply fermented agave juice. Fermentation was carried out inside the agave itself, since there was no tree on the barrels. The result was a froth mash with an unpleasant taste and aroma called pulque. Mexican folk legend says that the great gods, having tasted a bullet, took pity on people and struck a fermented agave with lightning. And then a fragrance swept through the desert, and the viscous juice turned into a clear, strong liquid with an unsurpassed taste. In fact, the Spaniards brought distillation technology to Mexico and for the first time alcohol from the sweet blue agave juice was produced in 1521. Tequila as a separate drink appeared only in 1600 on the Cuisillos ranch of Don Pedro Sanchez de Tacli, from whose name the name of the drink came. Today, tequila is produced in five states of Mexico, it is considered a national drink, and almost 10% of the country's cultivated land is reserved for blue agave plantations.

Company Tekilera de Arandas S.A. de S.V. one of the five world leaders producing tequila. Here, as in any other self-respecting company, they carefully monitor the quality of their products at each stage of its production, and only the best fruits of ripe agave from Jalisco, Guanajuato, Nayarit and Michokan are used as raw materials.


  • Strength: 38%
  • Serving temperature: 16-18 °С
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