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Cognac "Mashtoc" 15 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac rich dark amber color.


The taste of cognac differs completeness, balance and soft spicy tones.


Bright aroma of cognac is made up of thin vanilla notes.


Cognac served as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

15-year-old cognac "Mashtots" got its name in honor of the founder of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots. Cognac is classified as vintage and part of the old collection brandies. "Mashtots" is a blend of several cognac, whose aging in oak barrels lasted at least 15 years.

The history of winemaking in Armenia old and more than one millennium. This is confirmed by numerous studies and results of archaeological excavations taking place in our time. This is also evidenced by the Bible, which tells how the patriarch Noah after the Flood came down from the top of Mount Ararat, and at its foot planted grapes. In the Old Testament pointed out that the Armenian Highland is not only the birthplace of humanity and shelter, but also the birthplace of viticulture and winemaking. This gives rise to the biblical tale of the Armenians sense of patriotism and pride in the age-old tradition of viticulture and winemaking. Favorable natural conditions allow to grow excellent grapes, and the rich national traditions of cultivation of grapes - all contributed to the development of winemaking.

Wine and Brandy Company "MAP" (earlier - Hoktemberyan Wine and Brandy Factory) is a prime example of the enterprise, which has kept the tradition and still pleases consumers real Armenian cognac. Based Enterprise "MAP" in 1945. Used in the manufacture of cognac varieties with white flesh - Azateni, Areni Voskehat, Garan dmak, Kakheti and Rkatsiteli. Skill and experience of experts, knowledge and respect for the drink, and high-quality grapes sun - all this is a guarantee of high quality cognacs and wines produced in this factory. The entire production cycle of cognac - from vintage, processing, vykurki cognac, aging in oak barrels in Pogrebnoy conditions, blending vintage cognacs and spill - produced by the classical technology. The plant is equipped with the latest equipment and a variety of capacities: oak barrels imported from Bulgaria, Cyprus and France, and butts and cisterns - Germany.


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