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Liqueur Luxardo, Sambuca "Passione Nera", 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor inky black color.


Flavor liquor velvety, rich, rounded, refined, with hints of anise, cardamom and coriander notes. In the long aftertaste dominated by shades of liquorice.


The aroma is dominated by notes of anise liqueur, spices and sweetish nuances of licorice.


Liquor is recommended as a digestif, it may be fed burning, with coffee beans, as a part of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Sambuca "Passione Nera" - a strong Italian liqueur that is based on the traditional sambuca company Lyuksardo - Sambuca dei Cesari , as modified by the addition to the basis of an extract of licorice and spices. Liquor is not a regular licorice digestif or classic sambuca. Its bouquet is dominated by notes of anise, but "Black Passion" in conjunction with spicy hints of cardamom and coriander they sound completely new, and the aftertaste is dominated by nuances of licorice.

Company Lyuksardo has a very interesting history. It was founded in the port town of Zara on the Dalmatian coast in 1821. Until 1797 the city was part of the Venetian Republic, and then became the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, under Austrian sovereignty. In 1817, the Consulate of the Kingdom of Sardinia in Zara was sent to a citizen of Genoa Girolamo Lyuksardi. His wife was fond of home production of liqueurs. She is very interested in improving the "Maraschino liqueur" liquor, which is produced in Dalmatia since the Middle Ages and was often made in monasteries. As a result, she produced liquor of such high quality that it has come to the liking of not only family and friends but serious connoisseurs. Then in 1821 Girolamo founded a distillery for the production of Maraschino. After 8 years of research and product improvement, the plant received an exclusive "privilege" of the Emperor of Austria, is a "high-level" confirmed the quality of the liquor, and today the company continues to proudly bear the title "Privilegiata Fabbrica Maraschino Excelsior".

In 1913, the third generation of the family - Michelangelo Lyuksardo built modern distillery, one of the largest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Until now, Zara keep this impressive building. At the end of the First World War Zara was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy, and the company became the most important Luxardo distillery in the country. During World War II after the bombing of the factory was almost completely destroyed, as well as the city. In late 1944, German troops withdrew from Dalmatia, but was followed by the occupation regime of Tito. The vast majority of the survivors of Italy's population went into exile in other countries, but many were killed: among them - the fourth generation of the family Lyuksardi. After more than a century of activity, the company Luxardo was destined to disappear. The only surviving brother was George Lyuksardi. He had the courage and vision to restore the factory in the Veneto region, in Torreglia (Padua). So a new chapter in the ongoing story of the family.

Today, the sixth generation of the family continues to produce world-famous Maraschino, as well as a full line of classic Italian liqueur (Sambuca, Amaretto, Grappa, Limoncello, "Passione Nera", herbal liqueurs) and grappa. The second product line includes delicious liqueur concentrates for bakers and ice cream, fruit syrups, jams, cherry Marasca. Luxardo is now the number one selling white and black Sambuca who appreciate and love the bartenders all countries. CEO - Guido Lyuksardo is president of Italian Spirits Association. Liqueurs Lyuksardo - the only Italian liqueurs, high quality production and environmental standards which are certified by the British Retail Consortium.



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