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Lheraud Cognac "Heritage Suzanne", 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac is very beautiful rich amber color.


Cognac has an elegant, expressive, long taste with bright, multi-faceted hues, characteristic of cognac such a respectable age. Unusually long aftertaste.


Cognac unusually fragrant, with all sorts of shades peculiar to high-end cognac.


Is the perfect digestif, goes well with coffee, cigar desserts.

Interesting Facts

The motto of the cognac house Guy L'Heureux: "To make a good Cognac, it must be love!".

Cognac Lheraud Heritage Suzanne (L'Heureux Heritage Susan), aged 50 years, as a true product of the famous house, has its own legend. In the thirties it was made by Suzanne L'Heureux - grandmother of the current owner of the house. Coincidentally, while brandy matured in cellars, the Second World War, it is not surprising that the German occupiers relished cognac L'Heureux family, soldiers ravaged much of the stock of cognac and by 1944 it remained only 500 liters.
In the early sixties brandy extract was stopped. And the wedding day of the current owner Guy L'Heureux - June 13, 1963, my grandmother Susan presented him as a wedding present all truly "golden" margin of the drink.
In 2002, on the 110 anniversary of the birth grandmother, Monsieur Guy L'Heureux began selling cognac "Heritage Suzanne", which means - the legacy of Suzanne, even the design of the bottle in the style of those early years. Updated only label and cork.
Cognac L'Heureux Heritage Suzanne is very fragrant, has a distinctive elegant taste with hints of red fruits. Excellent gift that reflects the history and allows to touch the legendary land!

The history of cognac house L'Heureux has its origins in 1680, when its owner, Alexander L'Heureux began work on the cultivation of grapes and production of brandy in a small village Lada, in the center of Petit Champagne, near the town of Cognac Charente department. In 1970, the head of the family business becomes Guy L'Heureux, who continues the production of cognac, but under his own name and is making every effort to maintain and improve the production of quality cognacs. To date, the vineyards House (125 acres) extend to the territory in Cognac Petite Champagne. In the vineyards grow noble grapes Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. The grapes are harvested in October, between 10 and 30 numbers, then the grapes are pressed and the juice (without any additives) is fermented. Then unfiltered wine undergoes primary distillation stills special Charentais type, thereby yielding 27-30% alcohol, after which it was again subjected to distillation to obtain 72% pure alcohol. The owner of the House of carefully following this process, the success of which depends entirely on the experience and knowledge of the Master. Cognac «Lheraud» matured only in oak barrels from the forests traditionally Limuzen (Limousin) and Troncais (Troncais). Barrels are also particularly valuable, they are made according to an ancient tradition - without a single nail. The design of all types of products involved herself Madame L'Heureux. "She has excellent taste, for good reason she chose me," - says Monsieur L'Heureux. As acknowledged by Alexander Massena - Managing cognac house Lheraud (Lero), cognac houses prefer the former French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Raffarin of France, Prince Albert of Monaco and many other famous people.
About 10 years ago, and the Russians have the opportunity to try the excellent products cognac house L'Heureux.
Give yourself and your familiarity with the legendary elite cognac houses!



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