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Tequila Legenda Del Milagro Silver Box & 2 glasses, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Ideal-transparent color.


Tequila Milagro Silver has a very mild flavor, which sweetish tones of blue agave are complemented by fresh citrus shades. In a pleasant aftertaste sounds slightly bitter lemon peel.


Gentle pleasant aroma reveals notes of citrus.


Tequila Milagro Silver due to its amazing soft taste with a hint of citrus can be used, either alone, or in cocktails. Particularly well suited as a basis for the classic Margarita, Mojito and other cocktails, which include lemon juice, oranges and other tropical fruits. Goes well with hot and spicy meat dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Interesting Facts

The company was founded by Daniel Milagro Shniveyssom and Moises Guindy, a native of Mexico who met in college, while still very young people. Both were going to continue the work of their fathers engaged in the production of tequila, and decided to create the best brand "drink of the gods", bringing to perfection of manufacturing techniques that have not changed for centuries. So, after several years of research, was born a great Tequila Milagro. Today, as more than a century ago, Milagro made virtually by hand, so is produced in very small quantities. For its production uses only mature blue agave age from 8 to 12 years, grown in the unique climatic conditions of the Mexican Jalisco. On a small tequila factory languishing in clay ovens up to 6 times longer than usual do other manufacturers, thereby providing the highest quality juice, which is subject to not double and triple distillation. All of this ultimately creates tequila taste and aroma of its own.
Tequila Milagro Silver - a young premium tequila, which is due to triple distillation has a stunningly soft, buttery texture, and unlike other tequilas this category shows in the taste and flavor of not only the traditional music of blue agave, but also charming tones of citrus fruit. In 2008, Milagro Silver at the international competition World Spirits Competition in San Francisco won a double gold medal, which indicates the highest quality and unique flavor characteristics of this tequila.
Milagro Reposado in the original box with two glasses - a great gift not only for friends and acquaintances, but also for you, especially if you want to please your mate, arranging an unplanned vacation picnic.


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