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Cognac "Lascar" VSOP, gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac has a deep amber color with a beautiful shine.


Rich fruity taste of cognac with hints of raisins, caramelized peaches and citrus leaves refined tannic aftertaste filled with rich shades of southern spices.


Delicate aroma of cognac with notes of jasmine flowers and linden gradually enriched spicy notes of clove, vanilla and nutmeg.


It is best to enjoy brandy neat as a digestif, it can also serve as a good addition to the gourmet French cuisine.

Interesting Facts

Several years ago, one popular edition published an article about the famous French illusionist, who lived in the middle of the XIX century. His name was Lascar, which in French means a joker. Calling one of his best drinks his name, Brandy House "Compagnie de Guyenne" thus immortalized name of a famous magician, who on his shows resettlement of the human soul in the body of the bird, used snipe - at the time a very common game. On all bottles of cognac "Lascar" necessarily present an image of this little bird, as it not only reminds of the great master, but it is also a symbol of high French cuisine to accompany and which created a unique cognac "Laskar".

Cognac "Lascar" VSOP, has excellent organoleptic characteristics, produced cognac house "Compagnie des Gyuyen" based on the best spirits aged 5 to 8 years. Their exposure is carried out in oak barrels made by the old method without the use of nails and gluing materials. The combination of affordable prices, high quality and elegant design made brandy "Lascar" a very popular drink in many European countries.

A small family-owned company Brandy House "Compagnie de Guyenne" was created in 1978 by Michel bones. It is an amalgamation of several family cognac plants, such as Favraud, Bastier-Chagnaud, Foucauld, Courant, Rouyer-Guillet and Reau Richard. A well-known and today the company owned brands "Brugerolle" and "Meukow", created in the XIX century, has a very long and glorious history.
Products "Compagnie des Gyuyen" features a large assortment of classic categories of cognac - VS, VSOP, Napoleon, XO, as well as exclusive Rarissime, are produced in limited quantities. In his work "Compagnie de Guyenne" adhere to basic principles - loyalty to tradition and impeccable quality, which has always embodied in each brand of cognac.


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In our store you can buy cognac "Lascar" VSOP, gift box, 0.5 L, price "Lascar" VSOP, gift box, 0.5 L — $ 17. Producer cognac Compagnie de Guyenne. Delivery "Lascar" VSOP, gift box, 0.5 L.

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