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Джин Larios 12 botanicals, 0.7

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Tasting Notes


Gene crystal clear color.


Gene has a smooth, soft, silky and refreshing taste with hints of herbs, orange blossoms, juniper berries, citrus fruits. The finish is warm, spicy, dry, short.


Gene has a wonderful aroma with notes of orange, juniper, nutmeg, angelica root, citrus (Mediterranean lemons and oranges, tangerines, watermelon with hints of lime, silky shade of orange blossoms).


Larios gin botanicals 12 is ideal for cocktails, good is drunk in its pure form.

Interesting Facts

Known worldwide Larios gin famous for high quality, for its production uses only the finest ingredients. Larios 12 botanicals - this premium gin, which is made from an ancient recipe based on the infusion of 12 plants (coriander, clementine, lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin, nutmeg, angelica root, juniper, orange blossom). At first distillation is carried out in 4 stages, so drink acquires balance, depth and exquisite bouquet. Final, fifth distillation, passes with orange blossom, giving gin Larios 12 silky flavor. Larios 12 botanicals is presented in a new elegant bright blue bottle.
History of the Larios gin begins in 1886, when the French entrepreneur Charles Lamotte, together with Spanish counterpart Fernando Jimenez founded Jimenez & Lamothe Company. Initially, they were engaged in the production of brandy, liqueurs and Spanish wines. Later, the company was bought by Jose Aurelio Larios and became known as Larios, and producing gin was called, which became known all over the world - Larios Gin.

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