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Beer Jopen, Jacobus RPA, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer yellow-gold color.


The taste of beer a crisp, bitter, very smooth, with spicy notes of cloves and bay leaf, shades of fruit, well-balanced notes of hops, delicate malt sweetness. In the long, lingering aftertaste is pleasant bitterness.


Smooth, fresh flavor of beer is filled with light fruity notes, hints of bay leaf and other spices.


Beer goes well with beef, chicken, asparagus, lobster, salads (especially vegetables). It is an excellent aperitif.

Interesting Facts

Jopen, Hoppenbier - a unique bitter Belgian ale double hopping. The formulation consists of three kinds of beer malt (from wheat, barley and oats) and two kinds of hops (Saaz and Brewer's Gold). This crisp beer with light malt notes and a lingering bitter aftertaste of beer is an exact reproduction of the city of Haarlem in 1501 and brewed beer, in accordance with the articles of association (the formulation is controlled by the city council).
Yopen, Hoppenbir has won numerous awards national and international competitions, including the silver medal obtained in the "New Zealand Brew Award, 2009" and a gold medal at the "European Beer Star, 2011".

Producer's description

Opened in 1992, the company set itself the task Jopen release recreate traditional beers from the Dutch city of Haarlem (Haarlem), which is famous for brewing since the Middle Ages. Numerous breweries brewed Haarlem unique local beers, but because of "invasion" and the massive demand on the camp in the beginning of the XX century were forced to close production. The name refers to Jopen beer barrel volume of 112 liters. These barrels were used in Haarlem in ancient times to transport beer. Renaissance Brewing Company Yopen started with two beers in 1407 and 1501, prescriptions are found in the archives of the city of Haarlem. Thus was born "Koyt" and Hoppenbier. Between 2001 and 2010, beer companies are made on Yopen Belgian brewery in the city of Van Steenberge Ertveld. But in 2010, the brewery opened its own production in his native Haarlem, located in a historic building of the Church of St. Jacob, built in 1910. Today, there are a brewery, cafe and restaurant.

Currently, the brewery Yopen is the largest independent brewery in the Netherlands kraft, annual production of 12,000 hectoliters of beer brewed both on old and on new recipes. Brewers Jopen very proud of the quality of their products, which has already won a number of awards at prestigious international competitions.


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