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Cognac Hine, Vintage "Early Landed", 1986, in wooden box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac amber.


Very powerful and rounded taste of cognac with notes of spices, lime and orange zest demonstrates excellent balance.


The aroma is dominated by notes of cognac zest and lime tree flowers.


Cognac is perfect as a digestif, as well as in combination with a good cigar.

Interesting Facts

Hine - one of the two companies producing brandy Early Landed. Hein Earley Lendid - special vintage brandy, which is made ​​in an unusual way: a young cognac (with a minimum 2 years of exposure) is sent for further aging in the UK, where more favorable climatic conditions: high humidity and relatively stable temperature alcohols allow to avoid a large evaporation. The result is a more refined and exquisite cognac with a light floral, fruity aroma and subtle wood tones, unlike traditional vintage cognacs, has a strong character with rich oak tones. Therefore Hine Cognac Vintage Early Lendid - a special drink, which stands apart from other vintage Grande Champagne cognacs.

In 1791, the young Thomas Hine left Dorset (England) in search of happiness in France. He chose the Cognac region, perhaps because his family, who lived on the coast, engaged in selling cognac. The young man was not lucky: during the French Revolution, Thomas was arrested for espionage and imprisoned in the castle in Jarnac. But he soon freed and married Françoise Elisabeth, whose father had his own company for the production of brandy in Jarnac. It soon turned into a business-in-law of his own career and passion. Thomas quickly became known and respected expert. Over the years, he raised the art of making cognac to new heights, while continuing to develop the business, which in 1822 was named Thomas Hine & Co.

Thomas Hine left more than a thriving business. Today the company operates Hine sixth generation, she is known and respected around the world for the exceptional quality of its cognacs.

House of Hine stands on the banks of the Charente River, in the heart of the Cognac region. In the ancient cellars, little has changed over the years, this is where the best vintages are stored brandy. House Hine - one of the oldest houses in Jarnac, he has always been the headquarters of the company. Hein family has an estate of 120 hectares in the famous Grande Champagne region, excellent southern exposure allows the grapes to ripen well in the warm sunshine. 70 hectares of vineyards grow grapes, the average age of the vines is 25 years, the rest of the estate is covered by forests and pastures.

Exposure to alcohol in Hine used barrels from Limousin oak, most of which is stored in the basement Hein, offering ideal conditions for the maturation of cognacs, each of which is in the process of aging is endowed with unique nuances of aroma and taste.

The company's motto reads: "Hein produces little, but it does so admirably." Hein manufactures products in limited quantities, selling cognac in specially designed elegant bottles and containers, enabling flawless design speak for itself.


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