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Tasting Notes


Sake transparent color.


Standard table of sake in a classic style with bright but soft taste.


The aroma of sake yeast felt lighter tone.


Sake is recommended to submit to the Japanese, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Also sake goes well with any fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Hakusika Kasen Chokara - table of sake in a classical style, made ​​on the basis of the famous water "Miyamidzu" from the standard rice. Fermentation period short - only about a week. Thereafter sake maintained in enameled steel tanks for 6 months.

Hakushika means "White Deer". The name of this brand has been borrowed from the Chinese mystical legends of the White Hart, who possessed extraordinary power. According to this legend, the Emperor Hsuan Tsung (712-756) found White deer standing in a lotus garden of his palace. On the horn of a deer hanging copper medal engraved on it the words argued that this beautiful animal has lived for thousands of years and brings prosperity. The Emperor was so glad this is a good sign that made a big celebration. He cared about the White Hart as a sacred animal. According to legend, the White Deer - Hakushika - recognized as a symbol of longevity and prosperity. Company Tatsuuma Honke Shuzo sake Hakushika named in honor of this sacred animal to the desire that their products will always be synonymous with vitality, longevity and well-being.

Company Tatsuuma Honke Shuji was founded Kitidzaemonom Tatsuuma in 1662 in Hyogo Prefecture. In 1889 the sake Hakushika received a gold medal and a certificate at an exhibition in Paris in 1893 Sake wins prize at the Chicago Columbian Exposition. In 1957, television advertising appears Hakusika sake. In 1982 he opened a memorial Hakusika museum in honor of 320 anniversary of the founding of the company. In 2004, the company's president, Akio Tatsuuma, appointed chairman of the Japan Association of Manufacturers Sake (Japan Sake Brewers Association). The company is still owned by the family Tatsuuma, and despite the fact that production over time has undergone some changes, traditions, practices and experience gained in more than 340 years, remain unchanged. For the production of sake Hakusika used water "Miyamidzu" and the best rice varieties Yamadanisiki, which, according to experts, it is in the region of Hyogo best. The company produces high-quality sake table as well as premium items.

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