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Grappa "Harmonium Riserva", gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Grappa amber.


Taste grappa soft, thin, rich, elegant, with rich fruit tones, velvety texture and a clean finish.


The aroma is full of grappa hints of licorice, cinnamon, clove, almond, plum, walnut and vanilla, accompanied by a pleasant smoke.


Grappa is excellent as a digestif, combined with a cigar.

Interesting Facts

Grappa "Harmonium Riserva" their noble aromas brings home a piece of Sicily, sensual feeling of warm sunlight and warmed their generous southern land.
"Harmonium Riserva" consists of a blend of different aquavit, distilled for a maximum of 5 years and aged for at least 18 months (sometimes this period up to 30 months) in Limousin oak barrels, beech, chestnut, mulberry and cherry. Such confusion, despite its complexity, is a perfect combination in grappa, and a variety of wood used for aging, helps in creating unique and unrepeatable character. Grappa is distilled in a water bath using a discontinuous steam boilers.

Firriato winery was opened in 1985 by Salvatore Di Gaetano in the ancient town of Erice, near Trapani, the provincial capital, the place with the highest density of vineyards in Italy. Young winemaker saw rich, although not necessarily expressed, the potential for growth and development in this wine region. The company began producing Firriato Sicily is not just cost-effective but high-quality wines and drinks to express through their evolution in consumer tastes. Under the strict supervision of Salvatore Di Gaetano economy rapidly, intensely and relentlessly developed, creates new wine, purchased new and improved farm machinery and technological equipment of the winery. Along with the growth of "Firriato" grew awards and prizes, which deservedly won the wine sector, and most importantly - growing love of consumers. Today we can safely say that the company "Firriato" opened the world of Sicily and Sicilian wines. Therefore, in the world press winery "Firriato" proclaimed one of the most prestigious wine houses in Sicily.


  • Serving temperature: 20-22°C
  • Website:
  • Class: Reserve
  • Type: Mono-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: Nero D'Avola
  • Cask type: Chestnut Casks, Mulberry Casks, Cherry-Wood Casks
  • Exposure: up to 5 years
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In our store you can buy grappa Grappa "Harmonium Riserva", gift box, 0.5 L, price Grappa "Harmonium Riserva", gift box, 0.5 L — $ 37. Producer grappa Firriato. Delivery Grappa "Harmonium Riserva", gift box, 0.5 L.

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