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Wine "Gik" Live

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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - azure blue, clean.


In a balanced and fine-tasting taste of wine, fruit tones are intertwined with light citrus notes.


The aroma of wine reveals a bouquet of fruit and citrus shades.


Wine is recommended to be served with snacks, cheeses and desserts.

Interesting Facts

"Gik" Live is a unique blue wine made from a blend of red and white grapes grown on various terroirs of France and Spain. It owes its unusual color to the anthocyanins contained in the skin of the grapes and the organic pigment called indigotin. To give the classic drink such an unusual coloring, the creators were inspired by the definition of blue in psychology - it symbolizes movement, innovation and infinity.

Initially, the idea to create a blue wine arose as a successful startup company GIK LIVE R & D TEAM. In cooperation with the University of Basque, six young entrepreneurs developed a formula for the drink, which in the very first year of sales sold in the amount of 70 thousand bottles only in his native Spain. Over time, EU regulators banned calling "Geek" Liv wine because of its unusual blue color, so in Europe it is sold as a wine drink with 99% wine content.

Producer's description

GIK LIVE R & D TEAM is a team of young entrepreneurs from Spain who have set themselves the goal of developing a series of unique, unparalleled wines. Their first product was the blue wine "Gik" Live, which, according to one of its creators Aritts Lopez, was made for fun and a violation of traditional winemaking foundations. The appearance of an unusual blue wine caused protests among winemakers and consumer delight. New drink quickly gained popularity, especially among young people. Now the company's products are sold in 25 countries. Due to this success, GIK LIV R & D TIM expanded its assortment by replenishing it with such beverages as wine with tea extract, chili pepper, caramel pink, and also classic red.


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