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Water "Filette" Still, Glass, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Water is pure transparent color.


Taste of the water is clean, soft, light, elegant.


Water with natural aroma of freshness.


Water is the perfect partner for all kinds of food, including gourmet cuisine to fine wines. Can be consumed throughout the day. Show people stick to a diet low in sodium.

Interesting Facts

"Filetto" - the famous Italian mineral water, which has gained popularity in the world thanks to its understated elegance, as manifested in the taste and minimalist design of the bottle, which is important: water "Filetto" awards in prestigious restaurants and hotels of the world, is considered ideal for maintenance of gourmet dishes and the best wines. A glass bottle of water "Filetto" having a classic Bordeaux wines for shape and decorated with silver foil label is very attractive from an aesthetic point of view and is able to decorate any table, even with delicious food.
The taste of water "Filette" gives real pleasure to its soft texture, grace, ease, balance trace elements. It features an almost complete absence of nitrates (0.6 mg / l), reflecting the purity of the water "Filette", and low sodium content (3.12 mg / l), which makes it suitable even for those who adhere to a diet low in this element.

Water "Filetto" bottled by FonteItalia from a pure source in the mountains Chiorcharia (in the municipality of Guarcino) in accordance with the rules of Italian law, the European Union and those countries where water is exported. All actions are certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, which is the guarantor of careful control at all stages of production from bottling to distribution.
The first historical mention of the source dates back to 400 BC 50 AD Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella wrote in his treatise "De Re Rustica" about the healing properties of water that flows in the mountains Guarcino, which stood here and the Roman legions used to heal wounds after the Eastern campaign. Water "Filetto" beginning bottled in 1894 and immediately won at the International Exhibition of Medicine and Health, held in Rome. In 1899, Dr. Vittorio Davoli conducted a scientific study, which recognized the special quality of this water, "Filetto, thanks to low salinity, maximum lightness and unmatched purity of taste, of course, preferable to the most popular table water". In 1933 at an exhibition in Tripoli water "Filette" gained a reputation safe and healing drinking water. With 30 years of XX century water became an integral part of not only Italian but also foreign markets.

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