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Liqueur Fernet Branca, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor has a rich dark brown with orange hues.


Liquor has a dry and concentrated flavor with menthol tones, hints of herbs and spices. The finish is dry, bitter with hints of herbs.


Liquor differs fresh aroma with notes of peppermint.


Liqueur Fernet Branca is recommended to use as a digestif or aperitif. Liquor well with other alcoholic beverages, coffee and cola, drink is the perfect ingredient for making a plurality of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

The recipe was created Fernet Branca Branca family in 1845 and remains unchanged today. For many years, the technology of production of the drink is kept strictly confidential, it is known that it contains about 40 herbs and spices from all over the world, among which are cardamom aloe, quinine, gentian, rhubarb, myrrh, chamomile and saffron. Liquor is based on grape distillate and about a year aged in oak barrels. Thanks to its unique composition of the drink has a number of medicinal properties: it stimulates digestion, cleanses the body, tones and soothes and relaxes.

In 1845, his wife Caroline and Bernardino Branca in Milan, founded the company Fratelli Branca. As a pharmacist, Bernardino in his home laboratory has developed an elixir that cured many diseases. As the advertising of those years - to create an elixir uchuvstvoval certain Dr. Fernet, marked by an extraordinary longevity, in fact, the name was coined Bernardino for marketing purposes and existed only on the labels of the drink. But, nevertheless, liquor did help cure of many diseases and was very popular with the locals. The motto of the company since it was founded was: "updated, but retain" and creator of the company, Bernardino Branca, fully in line with this philosophy - he was always open to new opportunities associated with the development of innovative technologies and advertising, without changing the true traditions and past experience.
In the early 20th century, Fernet Branca has significantly expanded its product range. Due to high quality and using only natural ingredients the beverage became known worldwide. The company still attaches great importance to the tradition, using old recipes which are kept a closely guarded secret and passed down from generation to generation family Branca.


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